The Introvert Versus The Extrovert


Brodie Curtsinger

Someone looking outgoing, arms up, ready for pretty much anything, on the bottom. Someone looking shy, hunched over, and not doing much, above that photo. “The difference is usually more of a personal opinion, but I say the biggest difference is confidence. Introverts tend to be more worried about what people think, so they keep to themselves. But being an extrovert, even if you care, you don’t let it get to you, and what people think of you doesn’t really matter, so you can be bold, and louder. That’s the main reason why I switched (to an extrovert), because I just realized that there are going to be people who don’t like you, and you can’t let that keep you from living,” said extrovert freshman Kendall McGarry.

Brodie Curtsinger, Staff Writer

If you’re shy, then you’re put into a group; if you’re outgoing, you’re also put into a group. 

The feeling of being shy usually classifies you as an introvert, and the feeling of being outgoing usually classifies you as an extrovert.

According to Lexico Dictionary Powered by Oxford, the definition of an extrovert is, “An outgoing, overly expressive person.” According to Lexico Dictionary Powered by Oxford, the definition of an introvert is, “A shy reticent person.” Although it is considered hard, you can switch from an introvert to an extrovert, and vice-versa.

On a poll that Livewire posted on Instagram, out of the 52 people that responded, 58% of people were an extrovert. Junior David, “Xavier,” Glauber is  one of these people that responded saying that he was an extrovert. “I love hanging out with crowds of five to seven people, and just really enjoy trying new things,” said Glauber, “I’m rarely too nervous to try something, but I do consider everything I do, and the outcomes, unlike how some people blindly fly into everything without consideration.” That is the only trait that Glauber has that he believes most extroverts don’t have. 

Glauber hasn’t always been an extrovert, and actually used to be a little bit shy. “I used to be very quiet, and timid, but realized that was boring. So, I tried new things, and enjoyed them more,” said Glauber, “I have a lot of acquaintances, but have a few very close friends, that I trust.” He even currently thinks that he has a lot of people that he knows, or acquaintances, but only a few close friends. He also likes pretty big crowds, but doesn’t enjoy massive ones.

Glauber is comfortable with where he is, in his current life, with him being an extrovert, and he does not want to one day become an introvert. “Happiness is relative, and a choice. I choose to be outgoing, because if not, I get bored with life,” said Glauber, “No (he doesn’t want to become an introvert). I enjoy the lifestyle I have, right now, and can be introverted if that’s the right call, for the time being” 

On a poll that Livewire posted on Instagram, out of the 52 people that responded, 42% of people were an introvert. Sophomore Emily Garrett are one of those people that responded saying that she was an introvert. “I consider myself to be an introvert, because I’m a really shy person, and I don’t go out a lot. It’s hard for me to make plans, because usually those plans can’t happen. I’m usually at home in my room reading, watching TV, doing my work, or playing games,” said Garrett. 

The only way that Garrett sees herself as not an introvert is because she actually enjoys talking to people. “I would say that I’m a pretty good listener. I’m someone that cares for other people, and I want people to have someone to talk to. I like to think things, before I say something, because I don’t want to say anything wrong, or hurt someone, with what I’m going to say,” said Garrett. 

Garrett does not believe that people treat her a certain way with her being an introvert, but her introverted friends, and her, just joke around a lot. “People don’t treat me a certain way, because I’m an introvert. A lot of people I know are introverts, so we like to say funny things such as, ‘I’d rather stay inside, than go out,’” said Garrett. 

Now, Garrett hasn’t always been an introvert, and used to actually enjoy going outside. “No. I don’t consider myself to have been an introvert my whole life. When I was little, I used to always go outside, and hang out with the people, in my neighborhood. Plus, I also had to share a room with my sister, and I hated it, so I wanted to be outside most of the time,” said Garrett. 

Garrett thinks she is slowly turning into an extrovert, but she is happy with where she is, in her current life, with her being an introvert. “I feel like slowly, I am becoming an extrovert. I guess being on the yearbook staff, I have become more comfortable with things, and wanting to get out more,” said Garrett, “I can be happy, and sad, being an introvert. Usually when I’m happy it’s because I finally get to be alone from a hard day at school, or at work. It can be sad sometimes, especially now because there isn’t much to do, and I’m used to going to school everyday, and then coming home, and relaxing, but now I’m home alone all the time, and it can get sad.”

Garrett rates herself a seven, on a scale from zero to 10, of being introverted, because she is actually starting to go out more. Now, finally, Garrett does want to put something out there about introverts. “Being an introvert doesn’t mean being anti-social. You just find being alone sometimes better. You want to be able to be comfortable, and relaxed after a day of work or school, or after being out all day,” said Garrett. 

On another poll that was posted on Livewire’s Instagram, out of the 32 people that responded, 59% of people said that they went from an introvert, into an extrovert. Freshman Kendall McGarry are one of those people that responded saying that she was once an introvert, and is now an extrovert. “I like being around people, for the most part, and I’m not afraid to go out, and make new friends, or talk to someone I don’t know. I don’t like to just sit in a room all day; I like to go out if I can’t,” said McGarry. McGarry believes that the only characteristic that she has, that most extroverts don’t have, is, she kind of acts more confident than she actually is. 

Ever since McGarry has become an extrovert, from once being an introvert, her close friends haven’t treated her differently, but some people just do. “My close friends havent treated me any different. There are more people that dont like me that much, because I talk more, and more people that do like me, because I talk more. But either way, it depends on how comfortable someone is, and even as an introvert, I acted more bold around the people that I trusted, so things haven’t changed with them,” said McGarry. 

McGarry believes that there are stereotypes with both an introvert and an extrovert, with her having the experience of once being both. “There are a lot of stereotypes that come with both,” said McGarry, “I was thought of as more weird by people I wasn’t close with, when I was an introvert, mostly because people didn’t know me, and just assumed things, and that kind of comes with being an introvert, and staying to yourself.”

McGarry has been an extrovert for about two years now. “I was an introvert through most of middle school, and it was in the middle of 8th grade, when I became an extrovert. So, a little over 2 years being an introvert, and close to 2 years of being an extrovert, so it’s almost even. I don’t really count elementary school, because I was a kid,” said McGarry. 

For McGarry specifically, it was better for her to become an extrovert, but she does understand that it is different for everyone. “I don’t want to say anything, for anyone else, because everyone lives a different life, and there are lifestyles that are better for different people. For me personally, being an extrovert was better, because I feel more myself; my confidence has gone up a lot. I also got some interesting stories from being an extrovert, that I would have never experienced, as an introvert,” said McGarry. 

McGarry is glad that she became an extrovert, because she gets to meet new people, now, and it’s pretty much always a fun time for her. “I’m not as afraid to meet new people, and even if I don’t have a good experience, I have a good story. Since I’ve opened up, and become bolder, I feel like I’ve got to live more, if that doesn’t sound too cliche. I’m not as afraid to have fun, and show my personality,” said McGarry, “It held me back, and the times when I was an introvert, was when my confidence was the worst, so I think I’ll probably stay an extrovert.” She also isn’t as shy, and afraid to show her true personality. Therefore, she does not want to become an introvert again, one day. 

Now, on another poll that was posted on Livewire’s Instagram, out of the 32 people that responded, 41% of people said that they went from an extrovert, into an introvert. Sophomore Ally Lawson are one of those people that responded saying that she was once an extrovert, and is now an introvert. “I consider myself an introvert, because I don’t necessarily like having a lot of friends, or being around a lot of people. I like keeping to myself, and being by myself, more than I like being around people,” said Lawson. 

Ever since Lawson has become an introvert, from once being an extrovert, she does not believe that people have treated her any differently. “I don’t think people treat me a different, or certain way, because people still talk to me, but I guess they realize I like keeping to myself more, and they don’t always talk to me. Some people that I’m friends with, that are extroverts, they sometimes pick on me for fun, but they don’t treat me any different from other people,” said Lawson. 

Now, although, she believes that people do typically view the two classifications very differently, with her believing that people are typically more interested in extroverts. “I think people are more open with extroverts, and are more interested in extroverts, because they know that they enjoy being around people, and talking to people; so, they tend to be a fun time,” said Lawson. 

She also believes that there are differences between an introvert and an extrovert, with her having the experience of once being both. “The difference between an introvert, and extrovert, is basically, introverts love keeping to themselves, and not being around a lot of people. While extroverts love being around people, and talking with people, and having the attention on them,” said Lawson. 

Lawson has been an introvert for a few years now. “I’ve been an introvert for a few years now, but I’ve always had the traits of an introvert. But I remember being more extroverted in probably fifth, through seventh or eighth,” said Lawson. 

Like McGarry, Lawson believes it is better for her to be an introvert, than an extrovert but she does understand that it is different for everyone. “I don’t really think either one is better than the other, it really depends on your personality, and which you like better. For me, personally, it’s being an introvert, but for others, it could be whatever they want,” said Lawson, “Right now, on a scale of zero to 10, my extroverted-ness is probably a two or three, and my introverted-ness is probably an eight, sometimes a nine.” She believes that her introverted side completely overpowers her extroverted side. 

Lawson is happy with her choice of becoming an introvert, because she isn’t involved in as much drama, and many other reasons. “I am happy I’m an introvert, because, like I said, I have my close friends, I know and trust, and they are introverts just like me. When I was an extrovert, and had a lot of friends, a lot of drama occurred, and I didn’t feel like I could just go, and disappear for a couple of days, if I wanted to. With being an introvert, my life has been a lot calmer, and I enjoy it a lot more,” said Lawson. 

Lawson does not hope to become an extrovert again. “I don’t want to become an extrovert again, because I enjoy being in the background, and keeping to myself. Also, I enjoy having a small amount of close friends, and people I can trust,” said Lawson.