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One Down, A Season to Go

Cooper Bass
Anna Rodgers in possession of the ball.

In an easy start to the season, the Lady Chargers brought their all as they took home the gold. 

During a blowout home game on Thursday night, the Lady Chargers beat the Central Hardin  Bruins. The lady chargers rose to the challenge, meeting team goals, and keeping a tight defense, all while two sisters gave it their all out on the court.

“We did pretty good,” freshman, Lyla Packer said. “We made our goal: 18 interceptions, 21 rebounds.” At the half, head coach, Chris Stallings, reminded them to keep their energy high and to stay fluent throughout the game. 

“We lost a little bit of energy towards the fourth quarter and we need to keep that up and keep working hard,” junior Aubrey Packer said. 

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The Packers have been revving up the entire offseason to be able to get some court minutes together. While their positions are similar, making it hard to be on the court simultaneously, they still managed to make the most of it. “Feels pretty good to play with her again. Last year we didn’t really get to play a whole lot but this year, it’s better because we can play together,” Lyla Packer said. 

Having a sister on the team wasn’t the only advantage. Senior Anna Rodgers reported that it was a slightly faster-paced game, the kind of game she prefers. The faster the team, the more difficult the defense becomes. “We were working on defense because we’ve been losing our people when we do five. So we’re really focusing on that. and I think in the first half, we really excelled at that. but in the second half, we like kind of lost it a little bit, but we got it back in the end,” Rodgers said. 

Offensively, sophomore Mollie Johnston led in points with 18, followed closely by Rodgers’s 15. 

“Everyone else’s passing, rebounding, and cheering from the bench allowed Anna and I to be the top scorers. Also, the coaches were putting us in plays that help us get open,” Johnston said. This type of practice and setup is what allowed the Chargers to maintain a safe lead throughout the entirety of the game.

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