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The student news site of Bullitt East High School.


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Road to Regionals

Milana Ilickovic
Trenton Wood has taken his senior year by storm, winning a great deal of games fulfilling his hopes of making it to regionals.

The rackets are warming up. 

Rackets are ready and players are eager as regionals await over the next few weeks for the Boys Tennis team. 

Trenton Wood reflects on his and his team’s overall performance thus far in the season. With that, he takes a chance to engage in his playoff/tournament potential this year. While the season may be wrapping up, players still have games they are more than eager to perform at. 

“Personally I’m feeling pretty good. I think I’ve played maybe six or seven matches up to this point and I’ve only lost one this year so I’ve been playing pretty strong”. Wood said. Wood has emerged this year as one of the team’s best players, a contrast from the previous season. “Last year my record was not great. I lost as many as I won so I’ve been really stacking up on that”. Wood added. 

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Wood’s performance isn’t the only difference between seasons, however, “I feel like this year were definitely a lot stronger than we were previously. I’m not sure exactly what our record is but I know we’re ranked pretty good overall” Wood said. The record Wood is highlighting is the team’s impressive 10-4 record, placing them amongst the best in the state. Compared to the previous year, the Chargers only had one more in the win column as their final record. 

Regionals are right around the corner, and the team is more ready than ever. “I feel pretty good. Regionals come up next week and state the week after if we make it. Honestly, I feel pretty confident that we’ll do good” Wood said. Last year, the Boys team captured the Regional Team title for the first time in over two decades, and they look to repeat it once again. 

Although regionals are bounding, players still have a few teams they have left to mark off on their to-do list. For Wood, it’s a rivalry. “Bullitt Central. It’s a rivalry game so no doubt I’m excited to face them”. After that, the team has two more games on their schedule before heading into Regionals (LaRue County on May 5 and Trinity May 6).

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