The Start of a Season


Milana Ilickovic

Senior Will Brangers poses with his racket. The boys tennis team season has started this month. “For all of us just playing consistent. Last year we had some issues with that and we’re all determined to fix that,” Brangers said.

Natalie McGarry

Get ready for double.

The 2023 boys’ tennis season has started this month.

The members of the team are ready to get started with their new games for this season. Each player has issues to work on this season but they are all feeling confident in their current progression. The Regionals and State matches are what the team is looking forward to and working towards at the end of their season. 

The start of a new season means lots of time spent practicing and preparing early on, preparing for the big games later in the season. “Practices have been running normally with all of us working on what we need to know but not much has changed,” senior Blake Thurman said. Thurman has been playing tennis for eight years now and has big plans for the team. Not only does he have confidence in the team, but he also has confidence in his playing ability for his bigger tournaments. “I plan on winning State. I didn’t last year but now it’s my senior year so I’m pretty confident,” Thurman said. 

The team is confident for this new season but also has individual and team goals they’re working towards. “For all of us just playing consistently. Last year we had some issues with that and we’re all determined to fix that,” senior Will Brangers said. Brangers has been playing on the team since his junior year and has seen his teammates grow together since then to work towards their end goal, the State game. 

The team’s season will lead up tp their two most important games, Regionals and State. Last year, the team did not make it to State so this year the team is planning to get there for this season. “Being able to play in Regions is something that I’m personally looking forward to. We had a solid team aim for it last year but they graduated so now I’ll be able to play and have that chance,” Brangers said. Working toward the State game is the team’s current end goal for the season. “I feel mostly prepared but I know I have some stuff to work on as we all do. I’m working towards Regionals like the rest of us,” junior Andrew Kruise said. Kruise has been playing since seventh grade and like Brangers, has seen the team grow throughout the seasons together. This year, the team has a lot to look forward to and a lot to fight for if they wish to make it to State. 

The team’s next games are at Bullitt Central at 3:30 pm on March 23 and the next is on March 24 at Clear creek park at 4:30 pm.