Greek Games


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Greek Games tug-o-war

Zach Combest, Website Editor

Bullitt East is going greek.

On Thursday, May 3, Bullitt East held their annual Greek Games.

This year Greek Games looked a little different than last years. The sophomore house won the Greek Games. The teachers also got involved in this year’s Greek Games.

In years passed, there has been many houses, but this year there are only four houses, one for each grade level. Each house competed against each other in limbo, egg relay, leap fog, three legged race, football toss and tug-o-war. Students watching the games held up signs and the sophomore house had noise clappers to cheer on their classmates. Senior Zach Thomas said, “the grade levels are much more competitive. A lot more involvement that way and better atmosphere too.”

Greek Games started off with limbo. The freshmen and senior houses tied. Next was leap frog, egg relay and the three legged race. The seniors (Fortis) placed first, juniors (Pisti) placed second, sophomores (Tharrhountes) placed third and freshmen (Spero) placed fourth. In the football toss, the sophomores placed first, juniors second, freshmen third and seniors fourth. The senior boys tug-o-war team won and took on the male teachers. The seniors fell to the teachers. The female teachers defeated the junior girls team in tug-o-war.

At the end, Nate Fulghum announced that there was a overall tie between the sophomores and seniors. The tie was broken by another round of the football toss. The sophomore house defeated the seniors and took home the bragging rights as the 2018 Greek Games winner.

Students had fun watching and participating in Greek Games this year. “I really enjoyed it this year compared to other years I have attended. I feel that it was easier to follow what was going on and all the competition with only four houses it made it flow easier and gave time to actually do all the activities in the time they allow,” said senior Mikayla Karp.