Continuation of Success for the Wrestling Team


Madeline Myers

The wrestling team prepares for their upcoming match against Taylor County High School on Jan. 9. With the team as a whole in need of improving their rankings, the successes of individual members have demonstrated how hard each team member has been working to better their abilities, and with this sport already being time-consuming and challenging in itself, their efforts have been especially acknowledged. “Wrestling is a very tough and demanding sport, which requires strong dedication and commitment,” said wrestling coach Tom Wells.

Madeline Myers, Copy Editor

The wrestling team as a whole has continued to be fairly victorious, with its members prioritizing their personal improvement to better the team even further.

At the Rumble in the Hive Team Tournament on Saturday, Dec. 15, the wrestling team placed fifth by beating the junior varsity wrestlers tournament team in their first match, Southern in their second match, the Mccurry raiders in their fourth match and Valley in their fifth match but losing to Saint X in their third match.

On Saturday, Dec. 22, the Gladiator Individual Tournament featured Patrick Netherton and Logan Wells securing third place.

At the Valley Main Event Individual Tournament on Saturday, Dec. 29, James Nash and Patrick Netherton won second place while Tucker Wells, Logan Wells and Sean Lohden won third place.

Each team member has been working especially hard on not only improving their wrestling status but in motivating each other to accomplish their goals. With a relatively high result in the Rumble in the Hive Team Tournament and multiple victories by specific team members in recent individual tournaments, the team has continued to prosper at the rate they established at the beginning of the season, while keeping in mind that improvement is necessary for the team to grow even further and to utilize its full potential. “I think this year the team is doing great. We’ve done really good at team and individual tournaments, but there’s still room for improvement. I’ve been doing better too. Me, Nash, Logan, Tucker and Bryce have really been pushing each other more which really pays off on the mat,” said sophomore Matthew Hendricks.