The Boys Golf Matches Have Come To An End


Brodie Curtsinger

Coach Kyle Downs and Senior Aiden Robison hugging. Robison, the team, and Downs all got emotional after Robison’s last match ever, and Downs decided to comfort Robison by hugging him. “I met Downs in fifth grade, and I’ve known him for a very long time,” said Robison, “I would not be the person I am, if I was not on this team, and Downs had a big help in making me the person I am today.”

Brodie Curtsinger, Staff Writer

Senior Aiden Robison’s last golf match was filled with many emotions.

Robison experienced the last match of his high school boys golf career Sept. 25, and it was filled with sadness, joy, and many other feelings.

Sept. 20, the boys golf team walked through the fall sports parade, in the high school hallways, and three days later played a golf match. The match of Sept. 25, was an extremely close last match for the team. Robison and the team had an emotional senior night when the match had come to an end.

The fall sports parade was filled with all different kinds of sports. The golf players were also featured in the parade, while freshman Kyle Schuler held the sign of “Golf,” along with different girls golf players. “We don’t really get recognized as much as most sports, which is kind of disappointing, but it is golf, most people think it’s an ‘old man’ sport, but it did kind of boost the guys up a little bit,” said Robison. 

They got recognized for their excellence, and that made the golfers, themselves, appreciate what they do more than they already did. “Whenever you get recognized, it makes you feel really good, and it gives them that confidence that we need to go out and do their best,” said Robison. 

Sept. 23, the team went out for the second-to-last time, against Larue County. They played at their home golf course, Heritage Hills Golf Club, and lost with 242 strokes in all. Junior Thomas Bryan scored the best out of the team, with 42 strokes. Senior Aiden Robison was in a close second with 43 strokes, then there was Schuler with 46 strokes, junior Gavin Koffman with 50 strokes, and then sophomore Austin Hale with 51 strokes. 

The last nine-hole match of the boys golf season was held Sept. 25, at the Heritage Hills Golf Club. They placed second, with Spencer County winning, Bullitt Central High School placing third, and North Bullitt High School placed fourth. “People made silly mistakes, and if they didn’t do that, we would’ve won, but I feel like we’re definitely headed in the right direction, and regardless, I’m proud of everybody for going out and giving it their best,” said Robison. 

They lost by only three strokes to Spencer County, with the team scoring 176 strokes in all. “It’s never good to lose, but golf’s a little different with you need to improve, and we have gotten closer to beating Spencer County every time. So, we lost by three today,” said Downs. Robison was the individual best out of everyone, out of the whole match, with scoring 38 strokes in all which is two strokes over par. Following right behind was Bryan with 39 strokes, freshman Kyle Schuler with 48 strokes, and junior Gavin Koffman and sophomore Austin Hale tying with each other, with 51 strokes in all.

Seniors Samuel Brangers and Jason Clark, were able to make it out for Senior Night, and both play their fourth game of the season so far. Former Bullitt East boys golfer, Jaret Gatlask, who played last year as a senior, was able to make it to the match, and watch the golfers golf their last match of the season. He also watched some seniors golfing the last match that they will ever play. 

Robison has been on the boys golf team for half of his life. “I’ve been on the Bullitt East team since I was in fifth grade. I’ve known my coach, Kyle, longer than I haven’t. Since I was about 8 years old, and pretty much, we’re just like a family,” said Robison. 

That “family” or “team” will have to continue through the upcoming seasons, missing one of the main golfers. “I’ve got till Tuesday with this team, and hopefully longer with the team or certain players. I go year to year. There’s not anything that I’m going to worry about next year. It’s ‘all in’ on this year, and I’ll worry about that after I take a couple of weeks off after the season,” said Downs. 

When Robison’s game ended, most could not hold back the tears. The team was celebrating his boys golf career and all the matches that he had been to. After the match, he was given a canvas with pictures of him on it, a bag of hot cheetos, a mountain dew, and a deck of cards for his gifts. Although, there was one big thing to still look into for the team, and that is the regionals. 

They have more time to practice, and they do have areas they need improvement throughout the next season. You need to enjoy what you’re doing, because if you don’t like playing golf, then like, what’s the point? We should just go out, and try to have as much fun as possible, and if we do that, we’re going to play better,” said Robison, “We have practice every day until Tuesday, and I’m going to work with everybody individually, and we do have the best coach in the state, and he knows what we need to do to be ready, and I feel like we’re closer now than we ever have been.”

Downs believes the team needs to fix some things as well, before regionals, like Robison. We’re still doing a few things mentally that we’ve got to tighten up a little bit, tighten up some putting things a little bit, and that’s kind of by design. We want to make sure that we’re playing best next Tuesday. We don’t want to play our best golf today, we want to make sure we continue to get better, but by Tuesday, yes, we will be ready for regionals,” said Downs. 

Throughout the last nine years, Robinson has had a great time playing golf and because of this sport, he has managed to create new friendships and has been presented with amazing opportunities. “I would do it (high school boys golf) again in a heartbeat. I’ve made so many friendships, I’ve met so many new people, I’ve been given a lot of amazing opportunities, all through the golf,” said Robison, “Just being able to say that I’ve been a part of this great organization for the last couple years does make me really happy because Bullitt East is one of the best high schools in the country, in my opinion, we do a lot of things that a lot of schools don’t, and just this team has done more for me than I can describe.”

Regionals, which is an 18-hole-tournament, are  Oct. 1, at the Heritage Hills Golf Club, at 8 a.m.