Grammy Nomination Contenders


Grammy Awards

The 62nd Grammy Awards will be hosted next year in Jan. 2020. The cut off for all nominations was moved from Oct. 1 to Aug. 31 and it created a larger sense of competition for artists.

Keelin Davis, Copy Editor

Make way for the new comers in 2019.

The grammy cut off for all nominations was moved to Aug. 31 and the potential nominees are filled with upcoming stars. 

The following are the top 10 albums that deserve a nomination for this year’s Grammys:

So Much Fun – Young Thug

Young Thug’s “So Much Fun,” is exactly what it sounds like. This album is Thug’s best work since 2015 and with a series of long time collaborators, he is able to create something special with this album. He returns to his old self in this album and it’s exactly what the fans have been waiting for. 


Since the departure of the groups lead member, Ameer Vaan, BROCKHAMPTON has not felt the same as they used to. Their music has felt forced and left with no sense of direction. With “Sugar,” they have returned to their old selves and fuse rap music with styles of pop and soul music. This is their best work since 2017’s “Saturation” trilogy. 

CrasH Talk – ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy’s fifth album was his most hit-filled, mainstream project yet. The album is filled with big time collaborators such as 21 Savage and Kid Cudi and displays his best show of lyricism so far. The project is a major success and a huge break into the mainstream discussion for Q. 

ERYS – Jaden

Following his first mainstream project, “SYRE,” Jaden provides a strong followup to the highly praised album. “ERYS” has a more trap focused theme that is a huge contrast to the dreamy, melodic feel of the first project. He collaborates with big artists such as A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator and it is a very experimental, fun album overall.

Revenge of the Dreamers III – Dreamville

With the third instillation of the “Revenge of the Dreamers” series, Dreamville delivers with its strongest project so far and potentially the best project in the running. Dreamville, J. Cole’s record label, hosted a “rap camp” in early January in which hundreds of rappers and producers around the country were invited to come create music and build off of each other’s craft. The project is filled with diversity and all of the collaborators seems to bring out the best in every single artist contributing it.

Thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Grande’s last project “Sweetener” was a huge success in the mainstream and one of the most popular albums in 2018. She provides the perfect follow up and has had one of the most successful years out of any artist this year. Singles such as “Thank u, next” and “7 rings” have topped the Billboard charts and have been huge hits on the radio. These singles contributed greatly to the success of the album and pushed her to the forefront of pop artists.

When we all fall asleep, where do we go? – Billie Eilish

The newest and youngest star in pop released a fantastic project that has a little something for everyone. Eilish was able to mix nearly every genre of music into one album and make it sound amazing. Through slow melodies to bass you would normally find in a rap song, this project is nothing short of greatness. It opened the eyes of millions and is keeping everyone waiting for her next move. 

ZUU – Denzel Curry

After releasing one of the best rap albums of 2018, Curry is back and just as good as before. “ZUU” takes you through the life of a person living in Dade County, Florida and perfectly tells the story of Curry’s life and upbringing. He is able to collaborate with many of his close friends from Dade and together, they paint vivid pictures of the struggles growing up where and how they did. It is the perfect storytelling album and takes you through a wild journey.

Igor – Tyler, the Creator

“Igor” is Tyler’s most experimental album yet and also his best. The project is mainly production based and filled with beautiful samples and crazy melodies that take the listener on a wild ride through a love story that connects each and every track on the album. The arrangement and the close attention to every detail on every song is what makes Tyler’s “Igor” so great.

Free Spirit – Khalid

Coming off of his first huge commercial success, “American Teen,” Khalid pushes the boundaries in his new project and provides summertime anthems for any time of the year. He creates a variety of moods throughout the album and always has tracks that can uplift the listener and always tell a heartfelt story. You can feel the passion in Khalid’s voice in every song on the album and you can tell that he put his all into this project. It is by far, the strongest pop album to hit streaming services this year.

The 2020 Grammy Awards will take place in Jan. 2020.