In Rotation: Volume One


NPS / Jacob W. Frank

This picture was selected as the playlist cover for In Rotation: Volume One. The picture was selected to convey a peaceful, fall setting: matching the overall sound of the playlist.

Keelin Davis, Website Editor

In these weird times where the world is coming back into a semi-normal form, a good playlist may be something you need to help get your life back on track. Going back and forth between Non-Traditional Instruction and In-School learning, you might need that extra push to get you through it all. This monthly updated playlist, constructed by a student, for students, was created to help motivate you and keep you moving forward. 

Track One: “Reborn” – Kids See Ghosts

“Reborn” by Kids See Ghosts is an anthem all about moving forward in your life. The track serves as motivation for the listener and is included first to set the tone of the playlist’s true purpose.

Track Two: “Tyler Herro” – Jack Harlow

Harlow’s recently released track, “Tyler Herro,” is a strong follow-up to his breakout record, “Whats Poppin,” which put him on the mainstream map. Being a Louisville native himself, this new single is one that people can relate to and use as the confidence boost that they may need.

Track Three: We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) – Fun.

Although this song is a throwback, it was chosen to be included in the playlist to add a sense of youth to the list. Reminiscing about less stressful times and childhood is a great way to stay optimistic and with this track, it helps bring you back to those times.

Track Four: 4:44 – JAY-Z

Track Five: King Of The Fall – The Weeknd

Entering the fall season, this track is perfect for the times we are living in right now. The Weeknd is able to transport the listener to his experiences and takes you through a wild ride of his life while maintaining an autumn vibe through the production and vocal patterns.

Track Six: Track 6 (feat. Kanye West, Anderson .Paak and Thundercat – Ty Dolla $ign

Track Seven: I Am – Jorja Smith 

Track Eight: Many Men – 21 Savage 

Serving as a change of pace in the playlist, “Many Men,” will give you that boost of energy you need to get things done. The aggressive tone of the track accompanied by the eerie production creates a mood that few songs are able to convey. Nearing the end, this helps with the final push in the tracklist.

Track Nine: Pray 4 Love (feat. The Weeknd) – Travis Scott

Track Ten: Lost – Frank Ocean

Rounding off the first monthly playlist is “Lost,” by Frank Ocean. This track covers themes of being lost in your own thoughts and life in general. Ocean is able to twist these themes into a positive by losing yourself in the good times in your life to make it through the rough. Simplistic production is paired with deep themes in the lyrics in order to create a track that can be exactly what someone may need to hear right now.

Overall, this compilation of songs is created to help anyone in need of a boost or a positive source in their life. Transitioning back into at-home learning, it can be tough on many and with the help of music, it may make things just a little bit easier.