After Winning Against Rival, Lady Chargers Fall to the Unexpected


Emma Whitehouse

Getting ready to shoot a basket, sophomore Emma Egan scores another goal during their blow out against North Bullitt. However, it is not new for the Lady Chargers to blow out the opposing team. “It felt mostly average. We expected to beat them and anything else would have been highly disappointing,” said Egan.

Emma Whitehouse, Photography Editor

Not every game can be perfect.

After a winning streak, the Lady Chargers fell after a hard-fought game.

Last week, the girls celebrated a victory after their win against the school’s rival, North Bullitt. However, Saturday they fell to Assumption. The Lady Chargers are working to up their game to make a come back for their future games against their other rivals. 

Friday, they played against North Bullitt, blowing them out with a final score of 76-23, East. “It felt really good, considering we previously just beat Bullitt Central so knowing that we are the best in the county is a great feeling,” said senior Lexi Taylor. 

The following day, the Lady Chargers fell to Assumption with the final score of 75-68, Assumption. While there was a slow start for the first part of the game, the girls fought back and ended up tying and having to go into overtime, but it wasn’t enough to take home the win. “Our defense needs major change and this is most likely the cause of the loss to Assumption,” said sophomore Emma Egan.

To bounce back into their rhythm, the Lady Chargers plan on having harder practices more than ever with the stakes being high due to future games and with post-season coming around the corner. “After this loss, we will not take any of the other teams we will play for granted. We will go into each and every game with the mindset that we need to give it all we got because if not, we might lose,” said senior Sarah Ezell.

The Lady Chargers next game is at Eastern, Monday at 7:30 p.m.