Tackling Wins The Game


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior Receiver Daniel Gilbert jumping and bumping his teammate. Gilbert scored two touchdowns out of the four touchdowns scored by Bullitt East. “It was a great feeling (scoring two out of the four touchdowns); not just for me, but to see my other brothers, and receivers, scoring and catching footballs, is just as great,” said Gilbert.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Receiving the win.

Many receivers stepped up to the plate Friday night to help score a few touchdowns.

Oct. 5, the football team beat Kentucky Country Day (KCD) by one touchdown. Receivers Coach Tyler Faucett believes that the game went good, but that there is still room for improvement. The players are also happy with how the game went and how the team came together.

The team scored four touchdowns, and four extra point attempts, while Kentucky Country Day only scored three touchdowns and three extra points. The outcome of the game was 28-21,Chargers. 

This win, after the team had a big loss Sept. 25, made the team, and the coaches, pretty happy.

Faucett believes that the game went good, and they are pleased about it. “It is always good to get a win. KCD is a good football team. They are fundamentally sound and do some schematic things that are different, and challenging. We were pleased to get the win, but we have a lot of things we need to clean up, and get better at,” said Faucett, “We did enough to win a game against a quality opponent. We made some mistakes that we can’t make if we want to compete in our district. Our effort was good. We played hard, but it was sloppy at times. I was proud of our guys for continuing to play hard when things went wrong at times.” Faucett wants his receivers to continue to get better, so they can compete in our district.

Faucett finds that it is getting a little easier to deal with the COVID-19 regulations, and restrictions. “I think it is getting a little easier to deal with the COVID restrictions, probably because we have grown accustomed to the procedures, and are better prepared. We are figuring out exactly what we need to have for every game, to follow the protocols,” said Faucett.

Faucett finds it great when his guys step up to do some big things, during the games. “It is always great when one of our guys gets an opportunity to showcase what they can do. Daniel is a competitor. He is a hard worker and wants to win every drill every day. We have several guys in our position group that made some plays for us Friday night,” said Faucett, “We had several guys that stepped up. Aeron has been doing it for two years now. He made some plays with his legs, and his arm. Travis Egan came in, and made a big throw, and a big hit at the end of the game, to cause the turnover. Daniel Gilbert and Bryce Clements made some big catches.”

Faucett goes on to mention that senior Bryce Clements had six catches, and a touchdown, senior Cameron Brogan had four catches, and senior Daniel Davis had a couple of catches, as well.

Senior Receiver Daniel Gilbert believes that this game was way better than the game against North Hardin High School, where the score was 40-0, North Hardin. “I think it went pretty well. The effort on Friday was ten times better than the past Friday, obviously. There’s still a lot to work on, and get better at,” said Gilbert.

Gilbert scored two out of the four touchdowns that Bullitt East scored. “It was a great feeling (scoring two out of the four touchdowns); not just for me, but to see my other brothers, and receivers, scoring and catching footballs, is just as great,” said Gilbert, “Some highlights was our defense: stopping their running game, and all running to the ball to go make the tackle. Also, our offense going tempo, just tired out their defense very early.” Gilbert noticed quite a few highlights that night. 

Gilbert believed that himself, and his teammates played pretty good, and will continue to work hard like they have been. “I feel that we all played good, with a lot of good energy. There’s still a lot more room for improvement, but we will get there,” said Gilbert, “I plan to work on technique, and continue to give better effort, each day.”

Gilbert hopes the best for the upcoming game. “I think everyone is starting to finally come together, and focus better. Hopefully we can string some good practices together, before Fern Creek, and be prepared going into Friday,” said Gilbert.

The next game is Oct. 9, at 7:30 p.m., at Fern Creek High School, against Fern Creek.