Tough Game Builds Optimistic Mindset


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior Daniel Gilbert goes for the ball in the near end zone. Bullitt East let the game slip away from them with a few touchdowns in the game.

Jackson Silliman , Staff Writer

Should have been won. 

According to many of the players, they believe that we should have won the game against Fern Creek.

Players seemed to be unhappy with the outcome of the game. But they have a plan to work out more and keep their head in the game the whole way through the game. And they do not think that the next time that they play them the outcome will be the same. 

They weren’t very happy with the results of the Oct. 9 game, with a score of 41-14, Tigers. Although the players weren’t very happy with the score of this game, they are optimistic for the next game. 

 Sophomore Cody Underwood believes that the score “won’t happen again,” because they could have won that game, but they didn’t put in full effort, in his opinion. “We should beat them next time,” Underwood said. Underwood seems to be ready to beat them next time they play.

Sophomore Mason Gauthier seemed to be pretty sure that they will not win the next one because there was no way that they could lose to them two times. “They got lucky this time,” Gauthier said. He does believe, though, that himself, and his team, can learn from their mistakes, and everyone on the team will put in more effort.

Underwood plans on running more after practices, to help himself improve. “I want to make an effort to run more, ” Underwood said.

Gauthier has plans to keep a better mindset throughout the game and to keep optimistic throughout so that he tries to the full to the end.