False Hope

Leaving us crying on the floor, only living through each day cause of our false hope

“Leaving us crying on the floor, only living through each day cause of our false hope”

Amy Burelison, Staff Writer

I walked into class with my head held high

I knew that today I was gonna try to make new friends

I wasn’t gonna wimp out today

Let’s hope this isn’t false hope


You sat next to me

You understood my jokes

We poked at the same things

And went through the same things

Maybe this false hope is real after all


We’re dancing around and jumping around the empty halls

Two lonely kids on valentines 

Begging for something more

Talking about the people who could give it to us

Enjoying the feeling of false hope


Two practical babies thrown into the real world

Unsure of what to do

The moment the person they lived for

Pulled out and ran last minute

Leaving us crying on the floor

Only living through each day cause of our false hope


Now it’s just me

You saw an opening and was dragged by the previously mentioned devil

Leaving me nearly dead on my bathroom floor

You went off and lived your life with the person I once loved

Until you noticed how wrong you had been

Now you’re looking towards false hope for a way out

And I’ve been screaming at false hope for months waiting in time for you


Now I’m across the library from you

We’re too terrified to say a word

Going to the next class panicked right next door to the other

And thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to talk again?”

“No, they hate me.”

Then false hope jumps in


Now we fixed it

Now you’re free

Now what are we supposed to be?

Are we staying friends?

Why do I want more?

Why am I always the one waiting at the door?

It’s all my fault that I messed this up

The moment my greatest gift was given back to me

Now my past loves are lost in time

Now you’re somewhat taking my nudges seriously

You’re complimenting me back

Just when I thought I was about to crack

This better be serious

And not a joke

Cause I’m sick of the false hope I’ve gotten from you and only you

But I love you

And there’s not much I can say or do

So now I’m manifesting for something new

So this false hope won’t drive me anymore

But I love this false hope that maybe one day we will be larger than life and we’ll be adored

But maybe we’re destined to be alone together forevermore