A Season Like No Other


Brodie Curtsinger

Bowling ball going into the pins under the numbers: 2021. The 2021 season for this year’s bowling team went pretty good, for senior Adam Young, in his opinion, for this being his last year on the team. “I’m going to miss competing in these kinds of tournaments, and playing with all these good kids. I’m going to miss the team I played with, and grew around. This team means a lot to me, and I’m happy I got to bowl with them, during my time on the team. I also want to thank coach Raley, for what he’s done for this team, and I want to thank him for being there, and just supporting us, along the way,” Young said.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

COVID-19, or no COVID-19, they’re still able to accomplish great things. 

Just like last year, the team was able to make it to the state tournament. 

Coach Lenny Raley believes that the season was rough at the start, but got better over time. The top players on this year’s team are going to miss this team. The best female bowler will also miss a few things, from this season.

Raley believes that the season went alright, but got even better, at the end. “The season was different, due to COVID protocols. We got started late, and it was a short season. We started off really slow, but during the last three weeks, we bowled really well. Ending the season as a top eight finisher, in the state; proud of that,” Raley said, “Winning the city tournament, and then moving into the region, and getting to the finals, and then today, upsetting the number three seed, to advance to the top eight, in the state.” Raley noticed a few highlights from the season.

Raley is very proud of what the team has accomplished, this year, especially with the challenges they had to overcome. “We could not find consistency in our scores, but the last three weeks, our improvements were showing, and we ended well. We are very young. I am extremely proud of what they accomplished. Region runner-up, and top eight state tournament finish,” Raley said, “COVID shortening the season (was a challenge they had to overcome), and we struggled all year, with consistency in maintaining high scores. Something that must improve, by next season.” 

Raley made quite a few memories this year, such as enthusiasm. “Just worked on being more enthusiastic, as a group (is a memory he has made). Again, COVID restricted us in many ways,” Raley said, “(He will) Always miss the seniors. Adam Young really stepped up the last half of the season, in leading our team.”  One of the things that Raley is going to miss, about being able to coach this team, is senior Adam Young.

Young believes that the season went pretty well. “This season, overall, went well, in my eyes. With the games we had, they always weren’t the best, but where it really mattered, in regionals, we showed up, and we got it done. We made state, and we did a good job there as well. Regardless, if we had some losses, I’m proud of this team, this year, and what they accomplished, and I’m happy I got to bowl with them, this year,” Young said, “Showing up and making a name for ourselves, this year, at regionals, and state (were some highlights from the season). Everyone didn’t think we could do it, but they were wrong. We can do anything, when we believe.” Young did notice a few highlights, from the season, like making a name for this bowling team. 

Some challenges that Young, and his teammates, had to overcome, to get to where they did, were the tough teams they had to face. “We had to go through some tough teams, to get to where we got, and we had to adjust and get it done, when we needed it the most. We were all there for each other, and we supported each other along the way,” Young said. 

There are quite a few things that Young is going to miss, about being able to play with this team, and overall on the Bullitt East bowling team. “I’m going to miss competing in these kinds of tournaments, and playing with all these good kids. I’m going to miss the team I played with, and grew around. This team means a lot to me, and I’m happy I got to bowl with them, during my time on the team. I also want to thank coach Raley, for what he’s done for this team, and I want to thank him for being there, and just supporting us, along the way,” Young said, “A memory I have is that we had some people qualify in singles, this year, and we made state back-to-back years. Although we didn’t win the team region again, I was still happy on how we played that day. The best one comes from state, today. We placed low, but we took down a high seeded team, and we made a name for ourselves, for that. Everyone thought we should’ve been gone, but we weren’t done yet.” Young definitely made a lot of memories this year.

Junior Austin Hale believes the season was, kind of, up and down. “The season was definitely out of the ordinary; COVID restrictions, and all that, but match wise, it was quite the rollercoaster ride, because no two matches were the same. One day, I would be unstoppable, and the next, I wouldn’t stand as a threat,” Hale said, “Some highlights in this season, would obviously be making state. No one expects much out of a quiet team, like us. I’ve gained more knowledge about how to adapt to transition better, and recognizing it quicker. The team was supportive of everyone, no matter who it was. This team is awesome.” Hale noticed a couple of highlights, like going to state. 

Hale is quite proud, and ecstatic, of what the team had been able to accomplish, this season. “I’m pretty ecstatic about how the team has done. David is showing improvements, Adam came through when it was most needed, I did my part of keeping the balance, and everyone else is definitely showing that they are going in the right direction,” Hale said, “Some challenges we had to overcome was reputations of other teams. Everyone favorited PRP, so we had to focus up, if we ever go against them. Another challenge would be the new regulations; everyone is used to being able to give high fives, fist bumps, and all of that, but this year, we had to be cautious. The last challenge we had was confidence; after one bad shot, everyone’s confidence drops, which causes the team as a whole to struggle a bit more, and it’s just a chain reaction.” Hale did notice some challenges, that he, along with his teammates, had to overcome.

Hale made some great memories this year, such as, making it to state. “Some memories include making it to state, obviously, because no one expects the underdogs to be able to do much. I believe socially, we have all grown closer, over the sport we all love,” Hale said, “Some things I will miss is the attitude of the team. Everyone on the team had one thing in mind, and one thing only: To win.” There are some things that Hale will miss, about being able to play with this specific team.

Seventh grader Marian Shofner believes that the season was an amazing season. “I think it went amazing, because we have been bowling really well, and there haven’t been that many setbacks. So, overall we have done the best, in my eyes,” Shofner said, “One big highlight is that I got to bowl with my brother, Jake Shofner, in the regionals, and in the state tournament.” Shofner noticed a couple highlights, from this year’s season, and this includes getting to bowl with her brother, freshman Jake Shofner. 

Based on averages, Shofner was the best female bowler on the bowling team, this year. “It makes me feel proud of myself that I was able to achieve being a really good bowler. It would have been nice to have more female bowlers on this team, or maybe even a female team, but we will see next year. So, if there are others out there that would like to bowl, even if you hadn’t bowled before, I say come on out next year for the team. It would be great to have more bowlers,” Shofner said. This was Shofner’s first year on the team, and she was also one of the youngest, along with seventh grader Alexis Yowell.

Shofner is proud of the team, and what it had been able to accomplish, for this season. “I am very proud that my team, and I, have made that far. We are hoping to make it even further, next year,” Shofner said, “A challenge that our team had to go through, was that we had to be able to support each other, but while following the COVID guidelines.” Shofner, along with the team, had to overcome some challenges, to get to where they were able to.

Shofner made a couple of memories, like being able to bowl with Young. “Some memories is that we had our last games with Adam Young, this year, and we made it to the quarter finals, in the state tournament. Adam was our senior bowler, and really led us far, this year,” Shofner said, “I am definitely going to miss having Adam Young, on our team, as our amazing anchor, but next year, we geat to have Austin Hale and David Scholtz.” There are a few things that Shofner is going to miss, about being able to play with this team, specifically.