Slow Start To The Season


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior Brock Hammond pitching a ball during their first game of the season. The first game of the season was a game against Christian Academy. “It’s always tough starting the season with two losses, but this is when you see what people, and teams, are truly made of. This team is much better than we’ve shown, and I believe we’re all ready to go out, and show that,” Hammond said.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

Just one run.

The team only lost by one point in both games. March 29, they played against Christian Academy, at their field. March 30, they played against Bardstown High School, at their field. 

They lost the game against Christian Academy, with a score of 1-0, Christian Academy. There was not a run scored, by either team, until the sixth inning, where the only run was scored, and it was by Christian Academy.

Coach Jeff Bowles believes that the team played not that good. “Offensively, we were not good. We had swung the bats well, in our practices, and in our scrimmages. We were below average, that day,” Bowles said, “Brock Hammond, he was excellent. Riley Harkey, he was good in release.” Bowles noticed a few highlights from that game, like players senior Brock Hammond, and senior Riley Harkey. 

Hammond believes that the game wasn’t the team’s  best. “This was the first game of the season, and I feel like we came out a little flat. We ended the game with 3-4 hits, and anytime you do that, it’s tough to win ball games. So, it’s all about bouncing back, and focusing on the game, the next day,” Hammond said, “Our defense, and pitching, looked very solid throughout the entire game, and those are definitely key factors that we need to build on.” Hammond did notice a couple of highlights from that day.

They lost the game against Bardstown, with a score of 5-4, Bardstown. After the seventh frame ended, the score was 4-4, causing the game to go into an extra inning, but after the bottom of the eighth inning, Bardstown scored a run, bringing the score to 5-4, Bardstown. 

Bowles feels that the team, that day, played alright. “We got a lead. We had four hits both games. One just happened to be a three run home run, against Bardstown. We made a couple of mistakes that kept us from scoring more. We didn’t make all of the routine plays, defensively, that day,” Bowles said, “Brock’s three run home run got us off to a good start. We just got some guys that aren’t swinging the bat too well, right now. It’s up to me to find the right line-up, and I have not done that yet.” Bowles noticed some highlights.

Hammond believes that that game gave the team more energy, than the previous game, per se. “In this game, I definitely feel like there was more energy all around, but there was more of the same story, when it came to timely hitting, as well as defensive miscommunications. We came out swinging, and that was great to see, but in the end, we just came up a bit short again, and at the end of the day, that’s baseball,” Hammond said, “Once again, in this game our pitching and defense was very exciting to see. Pitchers looked to be locating well, and, once again, defense looked great; definitely something to continue to build off of.” Hammond noticed some highlights, from that game, that day, such as the pitching. 

For the upcoming games, Bowles plans to improve his team, by just trying to find those guys that are right for the line-up, and working hard, each day. “We just have to go to work each day, and try to get better. Finding the guys that are going to be dependable; just need to find the right line-up. They haven’t played together for over a year, so that makes a huge difference,” Bowles said.

Hammond plans to improve, by touching-up some things with the team, for the upcoming games. “I believe that at practice over the last couple days, we’ve done drills, and taken measures to correct spots, in which we came up short in games. So, I feel like through our recent practices, we will improve on our next game,” Hammond said, “It’s always tough starting the season with two losses, but this is when you see what people, and teams, are truly made of. This team is much better than we’ve shown, and I believe we’re all ready to go out, and show that.” Hammond finds the start of the season to be kind of rough.

The next game will be a home game, against Fern Creek, at 5 p.m., April 13.