Virtual Versus In Person Learning


The laptop represents virtual learning. The desk represents in person learning.

Emily Richardson, Co-Photography Editor

A split decision.  

As the pandemic continues, we still face the difficult decision of learning in person or virtually. 

Learning online is beneficial to some, but detrimental to others. Completing school from home is preferred by some. Learning in a classroom setting is preferred by others. 

With living in the middle of a pandemic, life itself can be challenging, let alone progressing in education. There are many benefits to both in person and virtual learning. However, everyone learns in different ways so it’s a very difficult decision to make. 

Junior Karley Britt prefers virtual learning over in person. “Some of the benefits to NTI learning is that it keeps people safe during this hard time in the world and for the most part it’s easy and cooperative,” Britt said.

She finds it easier to focus and learn at home rather than school because she is able to be more successful in her academics. 

“Every day when I come into the class there are more and more students gone,” Britt said. When seeing less people show up to class each day because of the need to quarantine, Britt gets frightened over how much worse the pandemic can get if in person learning is continued. 

“I can easily talk to my teachers if I need help and it’s more fun to collaborate with other students while working and not isolated,” Hughes said. Junior Sydney Hughes is for in person learning. She had the experience of needing to mainly teach herself during virtual learning and prefers to be in a classroom with a teacher teaching and the option to discuss the content with them and others. 

A normal high school experience has been difficult to achieve for the last few years because of the pandemic.  “We have less school spirit and we aren’t in the actual building, it felt like everyone had their own school and it didn’t feel much like a community,” Hughes said. 

The method of our success in school differs, but our goals are all the same.