Senior Night Mayhem


Patrick Ballard on Seinor Night catching a punt return.

Shelbie Heath, Jr. Photography Editor

Some teams can bring the heat, but can’t handle the sweat, but East sure can. 

The Chargers put forth every muscle and bone they had to win this game and it paid off in the end. The game was held at Egan field against Southern High School on Oct. 15. The plays that set everything up for success were done by sophomore Trinton Baker and senior Patrick Ballard. 

What set them up for success was a couple of onside kicks that were recovered and this changed the momentum of the game. “We had two that recovered which was super helpful,” linebacker coach Tolliver Hefner said. Southern being in our district gives us an advantage of seeing where we are for the next games. “ It really helps to have them in our district because it’s another team that we get to play that has some speed, but also a beatable team, so it helps us to look forward to what’s to come here in the future,” Hefner said.

The Red Zone Rowdies aren’t like any other fan section; you can see them a mile away and that’s the neon included. The Red Zone came more than prepared, everyone was decked out in neon.  “The fear of beating southern, going into playing male next week, we’re kind of just getting excited, and the neon was pretty neat,” Red Zone leader senior Caydan Snyder said. 

Every wonderful moment eventually ends and for the seniors walking down the football field was theirs. The bitter-sweet moment was filled with laughter and shared memories that will last forever in everyone’s heart. The football senior class is small but they make every moment special. Player Patrick Ballard, a senior at Bullitt East has only played for a year but wished he played all four years. “Well, it just had a huge impact on me. I wish I would have played all four years, but just playing now it feels special because it feels like I’ve been playing all four years,” Ballard said.