Grasping the County Gold


The team celebrates the winning of the Bullitt Cup.

Braylen Ferrell, Staff Writer

The county gold is heading back to the Chargers. 

After their 43-0 win against Bullitt Central, the Chargers have won the Bullitt Cup taking home the gold trophy. 

This victory against Bullitt Central marks the Chargers’ 3rd straight win. After hashing out a win against both North and Central, East repeats as County champs. Taking a look ahead, the season is only going to get harder as the season progresses. 

While the game against Central was on their home field, the Chargers were prepared and unphased. “We were very confident in how we practiced during the week.” senior offensive lineman Peyton Stafford said. The Chargers took the fight head on, and came out on top 43-0. 

The game started off with a bang, as Ryan Still returned the kickoff for a touchdown. “It was pretty sweet, especially in a rivalry game but that just really set the tone for the rest of the game,” senior safety Still said. With a blow up play like that, the Chargers already had a firm grip on the game. 

A shut-out doesn’t always go without errors however. “We weren’t very disciplined during the game. Most of our penalties were false starts on my O-line. So we really need to start cleaning those up for our big game against Male. If we don’t, it’s gonna be a struggle.” Stafford said. While the game against Central ended in favor of the team, other teams may take advantage of certain plays. 

Many say that the past repeats itself, and this season is proving just that. Mimicking the 21’-22’ season, the Chargers are proud owners of the Bullitt Cup. “All credits need to go to the coaches though. I love Coach Kendrick and them,” Stafford said. While the players are the ones we see in action, our coaches are the ones working behind the scenes. 

Not every player had a repeat of the gold however. “It felt different winning it with a different school but we knew what the goal was and what we were working for. Achieving something like that was one of our season goals,” Still said.

The next opponent for the Chargers is Meade County, a game which will take place away from the Chargers’ Stadium. With a winning streak in the making, the team is on a pedestal. “I think we can go on a little winning streak. A 9-1 because of that first game. We shouldn’t have lost that game,” Stafford said, thinking back on the first game of the season which ended in a disappointing loss. 

“I don’t think there are any more easy games. I think they [Meade County] are a lot better than North Bullitt and Bullitt Central. Meade County, they are a tough team. They have a good facility and stuff like that. Danville, I don’t know how they are, I haven’t watched their film yet. And then we got districts to play. Like Fern Creek, they’re pretty good this year, and then of course you got Male. I don’t know about Southern, and we also got Oldham County.” Stafford said. As the season marches ahead, expectations and skill level progress right along with it.