Learning Along the Way


Emma Kate wright preparing a serve for the spring sports media day.

Colton Harbolt, Design Editor

The team hasn’t let them being young or a lack of experience stop them from having fun playing the sport.

The girls tennis team has been a very young team and they have had to learn to play the sport while also learning to play with a team and enjoy the sport along the way.

The girls tennis team competed in three matches this past week against North Bullitt, Eastern and Spencer County. The team competed against some strong players and came up with the results of a win against North Bullitt and two losses against Spencer County and Eastern. Being a young team, they have learned throughout the season as individual players and a team, strengthening the team as a total.  With regionals starting off this week, the team has been preparing in order to end the season strong. 

Over the course of the past week, the team has been learning and growing throughout their three matches. Improving as individual players and as a team in general. Many players have started to go all out towards the end of the season with sophomore Kennedy Scott and senior Gracie Edmonds winning two doubles with scores of 0-8 and 6-8. Senior Emma Wright competed against strong opponents and was able to leave as an even better player than she was before. “Just playing against high-level competition makes you a better player, so I’m glad I got to play against her,” Wright said.

Not only has Wright managed to grow through these three matches, but Scott as well. “As an individual, I think I did okay, it is my first year playing so I don’t really know a lot of the technical stuff but I’m working on it,” Scott said. As a first-year player, Scott has proved herself as a valuable player and will carry this momentum into regionals. 

As a team, the girls have improved with working together and becoming comfortable with the sport and the competition. As a young team with only three players who have played before, the team has made impressive progress with learning not only the sport but learning to work together and handle high-level competition they haven’t faced before. “A lot of us haven’t played together before, so you would think it would be a little awkward or weird but we all had a good time,” Scott said.

Regionals is this week and the team has already had an impressive season, especially with the difficulties and obstacles they’ve crossed along the way, they have prepared themselves the best they can and are going into their games with confidence that they would enjoy the experience and come out strong.