Boys Golf Is Taking Off


Natalie Allen

Senior Aiden Robison getting ready to hit. For this game, Robison was about to have the best score of the season so far. “I feel like I keep my cool pretty well, and whenever I feel like I don’t play well, I always just power through it, and keep going forward,” said Robison.

Brodie Curtsinger, Staff Writer

The Boys Golf team is looking like a hole in one for this year.

The team is keeping up the scores for the upcoming year.

The team is getting more comfortable with their competition and teammates. Senior Aiden Robison is helping out the team with their scores for this year. The match on Aug. 15 was a match to remember according to the points that were scored.

Head coach of the boys golf team, Kyle Downs, is noticing growth within his team, although the season just started. “I tell the kids all the time that all I want to see is them getting better,” said Downs. This year, boys golf brought in quite a few new members. They also kept most of the members from last years team as well.

Senior Aiden Robison is one of those returning members. He is being a big help for the team so far this year. “Usually, I’m playing pretty well, so whenever I’m practicing, I just practice for about five or ten minutes,” said Robison. Robison is wanting to take his skill outside of the Bullitt East team, and he is starting to apply for some golf teams at certain colleges.

Robison doesn’t practice for too long, because when it comes to the sport, his skill comes through along with the team. You can always guarantee that he will not bring a match down, only take it up. “I think that I’ll have a winning record, and I believe that Bullitt East is going to go to the state tournament this year,” said Robison.

Aug. 15, Robison competed at Shadow Hollow Golf Course in Cub Run. He lead the team with the best score. He had a score of 39, not only the best of Bullitt East but the best of the whole night. There was also a match Aug. 24 in Danville, Kentucky at the Old Bridge Golf Club. At this match, Robison scored the best along with junior Thomas Bryan, with the score of 80. Following was freshman Kyle Schuler (92), sophomore Austin Hale (98), and junior Gavin Koffman with the score of 103. Bullitt East had a tough time that night, and did not win the match. “We did not finish very well, it was a tough day,” said Robison. 

Come check out the next match against Butler Quail Chase at Quail Chase Golf Course in Jefferson County, Kentucky, Aug. 28.