Boys Basketball Sets to Improve Record with Three Back-to-Back Wins


Emma Whitehouse

Senior Zak Perdew taking the ball down the court hoping to score. Perdew led the team this game with a total of 23 points, and a final score of 52-45.

Katie Huffman, Editor-in-Chief

They lost three in a row, then turned around and won three in a row. 

The boys basketball team seemed to be stuck in a rut of struggling to come out on top, but the hype is back and the team is winning. 

After having a break the week of Jan. 13  since they didn’t make the LIT Tournament, the Chargers are back and have come out on top every game in the past week. They faced Whitefield and Breckinridge County over the course of four days. In between these games, they played county rival Bullitt Central at home and won by seven points with a final score of 52-45. 

Against Whitefield Jan. 21, the Chargers were up after the first quarter with a score of 25-12. They continued to stay ahead of the Wildcats with a halftime score of 49-26. The team ended with a final score of 90-56. Junior Will Blanford led the team in scoring with a total of 17 points. 

Jan. 24, the Chargers took the home court and the Redzone decked out in black to face the Bullitt Central Cougars. The game was a close call throughout, and the score at halftime was 22-19. Senior Zak Perdew led up until this point with 10 points. Once the third quarter was over, the Cougars were winning with a score of 37-33. The rival kept their lead up until the final minute of the game. The Chargers went from being down by 2 points, to winning by 7 points. Perdew led the team with a total of 23 points. 

“It was a very back and forth game and I really wasn’t for sure which way it was going to go. I’m just glad out ream kept fighting and got the win,” said Perdew. 

Homecoming was also the night of the Bullitt Central game. Homecoming King and Queen were Adam Moore and Elizabeth Woods. 

They most recently faced Breckinridge County, and ended the game with a final score of 72-56. Perdew lead the team with 23 points. 

The team’s next game will be tomorrow in an away game against Moore at 7:30 p.m.