The Band Gets a Second Chance


The Marching Band performed twice at their competition. They were grateful for that second chance to be able to use the second performance to help their score. “This might have not been the most successful competition yet but I think we really know what we’re working for now which is definitely beneficial,” junior color guard member Kiara Warren said.

Natalie McGarry, Magazine Editor

Two chances are better than one.

The band had another performance on Oct. 2 and in which they performed twice.

Performing twice means a second chance of a good run if the first one wasn’t good. For the first performance, the band didn’t enjoy their placement but were able to redeem themselves with the second performance. After this competition, the season starts to get more serious with who the band will be up against and the competitions they’re going to. 

In most competitions, you only perform once and then get the score from that performance but this competition was different. The band was able to perform twice and average both performance scores to have a final place at awards. Depending on your score and placement in your class from the first performance determines what time you go on for the second performance. After that, you get a final placement and score from both performances. “It was nice because I felt like our first performance wasn’t as strong as it could have been so when we got that second time we really pushed ourselves,” junior color guard member Kiara Warren said. 

For their first performance, the band placed fourth in their class.  “Coming off the field for the first performance we kind of all felt it and knew we didn’t have the run we wanted so we all were in agreement to just push ourselves more for the next performance,” Warren said. After this placement and a weak run, the band felt like they needed to push themselves even harder to redeem themselves and also place higher for the final performance. “The second performance was definitely way better than the first because we knew we messed up and had to prove to ourselves and the judges that we could do better and show them how good we can be,” junior color guard member Skylar Braden said. For their second performance, the band ended up placing tenth overall. 

Although this competition was bigger than the band’s latest ones, the competitions will only get more difficult. The band is deep into their season and has almost their entire show on the field. They’ve been working hard since July and are doing their best to make these performances do them justice. “There’s not really any competition that doesn’t matter but as we get later into the season the serious stuff is about to start and we’re just trying to prepare ourselves for what’s about to happen,” Braden said. The band is aiming to do their best at the rest of the competitions and hopefully have more victories to celebrate.

The band’s next competition will be at Grayson County High School Oct. 16.