First Steps to a Successful Season


Marching band members practice hard in the heat. The band had their first performance at Columbus North High School on Sept. 10. “We’re really excited for the new season, especially with the show we have,” senior colorguard member Kendall McGarry said. Photo Credit: Natalie McGarry

Natalie McGarry, Editor-in-Chief

Marching into the new season.

The marching band had their first competition performance at Columbus North High School on Sept. 10. 

The season for the band members has just begun and they’re excited about what’s coming next. The band scored third in their class and second in General Effect overall at the competition. Before their next competition, the team plans to work hard and place better than they did at their first competition. 

Starting a new season is a lot of work for the team but it can also be exciting. “I think this year we have a really good show so we have the potential to place high, we just need a little more work,” senior colorguard member, Kendall McGarry said. The show is titled “Heart of Glass” and is based on the song by Blondie. The show itself is about the stages of a breakup, the band performing for each different stage, changing into another. “It’s good when the judges understand your show and get what you’re trying to portray,” McGarry said. The band has more time to clean up their performance before they execute their show again.

Although the band placed third in their class, they cleared 50 points for their first competition and were placed 9 out of 17 bands. “We kind of expected to not do so well just because we have so many new people and it being our first competition but this also gives us room for improvement,” McGarry said. The members weren’t too happy with their placement for their first competition, but there will be more to perform at as the season goes on.

The band has high hopes for their next performance and for the rest of their competition season. “We definitely need some work before we can place where we want,” senior colorguard member, Skylar Braden said. The band plans to continue going over what they know so they can continue to get better and improve on what they haven’t learned yet. “The show’s not completely finished yet, but we’re almost there,” McGarry said. 

The band’s next football game performance will be Sept. 30 and their next competition performance will be Sept. 17.