An Experience the Band Will Never Forget


The band practices before they go to compete. The band performed at Lucas Oil Stadium Oct. 21. “It was just a really fun experience,” senior color guard Alyssa Hayes said. Photo Credit: Brandon Mudd

Natalie McGarry, Editor-in-Chief

The first time marching with the Colts.

The marching band visited the Bands of America (BOA) competition at Lucas Oil Stadium Oct. 21. 

The band has never competed in BOA before and it is a big opportunity for the band. This experience was a fun one and something they can use in the future to look back on. The band doesn’t know when they are back to compete at BOA again but they hope that it will be soon and to have the same good experience they had this year.

BOA is an organization that holds championship competitions for high school marching band programs that gives them the opportunity to compete at a national level. This was a very new and intense experience for the band since they have never completed anywhere this big before. Being able to compete in this competition is a one-of-a-kind experience for the band that they will appreciate in years to come and as the season ends.

The competition was a very long day for the band but it was a day that let them experience a lot of new things. “We had to wake up really early to leave for the competition since we competed really early but I think it’s one of those competitions you’ll never forget,” senior color guard member Alyssa Hayes said. 

After the band competed they were given the chance to watch other bands from all over the U.S. come and compete in their show. “There were a lot of bigger bands that were really fun to watch in person since sometimes we had only seen big bands like that on video,” Hayes said. Being able to go back next year is something that’s on the fence for the band but this going this year is something the band won’t forget. 

The band’s next football game performance will be Oct. 28 and their next competition performance will be Nov. 5.