Marching Band Improves From Last Competition


Brandon Mudd

Color guard member stands tall with enthusiasm finishing a great performance at the Grayson County High School marching band competition.

Brandon Mudd, Staff Writer

Reaching new heights. 

The Bullitt East Marching band has improved from their last competition. 

The band performed in a competition last Saturday at Grayson County High School. Although they placed fifth in their class, they earned a much higher score than last competition receiving a 72 from the judges. Friday, the band also performed during the home game at Bullitt East High School against Southern High School. 

Saturday, during the band’s competition at Grayson County High School, they were performing very late into the night, making the temperature drop. When asked about how the conditions affected his performance, junior Dylan Inmon said, “Me personally, I believe I was lacking a bit but mostly because my hands were freezing.” 

The temperature greatly affected the performance of the marching band, and this was the general consensus among the performers that night. Although the temperature made it difficult, color guard performer and junior Kendall McGarry said, “I actually think they did pretty good,” referring to the quality of the marching band’s performance.

“While there is room for improvement, we did improve from the last competition,” Inmon said. The judges agreed. The marching band, despite placing fifth in the competition, received a 72 out of 100. After the last performance, the band obtained a 59. This shows that throughout the band’s near-daily practices they have been improving.

The band was at the home football game this Friday where Bullitt East was playing against Southern High School. Throughout the game, the marching band was playing their hearts out, and the color guard was twirling their flags with everything they had. The marching band does their best every week to enliven the Redzone to allow them to continuously cheer for our Chargers and of course, this was displayed during Friday’s game. Without a doubt, the Chargers won their game Friday partially thanks to the marching band’s peppy performance. 

This weekend, Saturday, Oct. 23, the marching band can be seen playing at Bourbon County High School in another competition.