Crowning the King and Queen of Homecoming

Zach Combest

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All hail the king and queen of Bullitt East.

Homecoming nominees have been announced for each grade level and the king and queen was announced during the Friday night football game.

Homecoming is a school tradition that takes place every football and basketball season. This year’s homecoming court had some new faces. This time of the year is full of school spirit and excitement for the homecoming nominees.

Last year, Connor Green and Megan Lancaster won homecoming king and queen. Last night, they were on the field once again to crown the new homecoming king and queen before Friday’s football game against Nelson County.

The 2017 homecoming king is David Vinson. Vinson is a new face to the homecoming court, but the student body pushed to get him on the ballot. “It started as a joke really. It was freshman or sophomore year and someone made an announcement during lunch for voting and I said ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we got David to be homecoming king?’ So, we voted for him then nothing happened. The next year, we got him on the ballot. So it became like a movement to get him to homecoming king and we were getting friend to tell friend to tell friends to tell their friends. And it finally paid off. He was really excited to win, but I think we were more excited than him,” said senior Dalton Weakly.

The 2017 football homecoming queen is Erika Bolton. “It felt pretty awesome, honestly. Winning homecoming is one of those things you dream about when you’re young, but never really expect to happen. So, I guess it was kind of like a dream come true when it did. I love knowing I have so many awesome friends that voted for me,” said Bolton. Bolton also won homecoming nominations her freshman year during basketball season and her sophomore year during football season.

Maggie Green and Will Blanford represented the freshmen class. Ryley Ortega and Zak Perdew took the field as the sophomore class nominees for homecoming this year. Haylee Miles and DJ Chappell were the nominees for the junior class. “It was very exciting and I’m glad I can represent the junior class,” said Miles. The senior girl nominees were the following: Erika Bolton, Sydney Rames, Avery Pack, Lexie Fisher and Summer Barr. The senior boy nominees were the following: Sean Woods, Logan McKenna, Luke Ezell, David Vinson and Hunter Perdue.

“I was very happy and excited to be nominated and I didn’t really expect it. It was a great start to my senior year,” said Barr. Rames and Ezell were the runner ups. Students had the chance to vote for their fellow classmates online last week. Congratulations to all homecoming nominees. The next homecoming will be held during basketball season.