Lady Chargers Softball Team Closes the Season

Alizea Harris, Social Media Editor

The Lady Chargers had a season record of 13-17. Their plans for next year are to take the freshman and 8th graders and improve on the skills they already have. They lost in districts and they feel that it was a good learning experience.


This season was very successful for the Lady Chargers. Their season record was good and was better than the year prior. Overall the team felt that they did well and that they are proud of how this season went. Sophomore Alanna Pierce was proud of how her team did and thinks that the season went okay. “I think regular season was okay, it wasn’t the best we’ve had but not the worse than last year. Everyone played hard and did the best they could,” said Pierce.


Coach Ricky Hoffman was proud of the team as well and thinks that they improved. He also plans on keeping the improvement by helping to strengthen the team he has. Hoffman wants to help the younger players grow and use the new experience that they’ve gained from this year to be stronger for next season. “We improved our record from last year and our younger players were able to gain more experience. Overall, I believe we had a good season. Plans are to improve on this year. We already had eighth graders and freshman. Next year they will be more experienced. I’m very excited about our future. We will be back in the top 10 in no time. We just have to keep working hard,” said Hoffman.


Although they had a good season, the Lady Chargers lost to J-Town in districts. The loss was upsetting, but a good learning experience. Senior Maddie Klefot thinks that the lost will give the girls next year motivation to work harder. “We played pretty good. I definitely think we could’ve beat J-Town again, like we did in regular season. I think losing to J-Town will make the girls coming back want to work harder because we lost to J-Town both this year and last year in districts,” said Klefot. Hoffman believes that the loss at J-Town was because the team was tense and considers the loss a chance to grow and to improve for next year. “The loss was disappointing. We expected to win. We could just not loosen up. It’s a life learning experience. Some days you have what it takes to succeed and some days you don’t. The good thing is tomorrow is another day,” said Hoffman.