Kicking off the Season Right

Alizea Harris, Staff Writer

The boy’s soccer team is charging into the upcoming season. 

The Chargers are starting the season off coming back from the Bluegrass State tournament and with the pre-season ending. 

Starting well, the boy’s soccer team comes back from their preseason. They are preparing to get a high winning record by the end of the season and beat the record of most wins in a season. They are preparing to beat districts and get to regionals at the end of the season. 

During the preseason, the Chargers went to the Bluegrass State tournament and competed in the B bracket. They went up against Franklin Simpson, George Rogers Clark and Boone County. They won against Franklin Simpson (10-0), tied against George Rogers Clark (5-2) and lost to Boone County (3-2). They also had two scrimmages, the first being against Thomas Nelson and the second being against Bath County. They beat Thomas Nelson 4-1 and lost against Bath County 0-1. Senior Noah Presley said that they did pretty well in the Bluegrass games and that it was nothing more than a warm-up for the rest of the season. “[During Bluegrass state games] we tied a game and we killed another team ten to nothing and the game ended early by mercy rule. I want to say that we lost the last game because of the referee and we lost that game three to two. That team was the best team we played in the whole tournament. We played good and it was just like a warm-up. Scrimmages and tournaments are like warm-ups and they help us connect with each other,” said Presley. 

For the upcoming season, the Chargers are planning on breaking plenty of records. The first record they plan on breaking is the most wins in a season. Last year, their overall season record of 14-7-1, and currently are trying to beat that. To get the most wins in a season they are doing a lot of conditioning and running. Coach Mike Brangers has been training his team to help make this season better than last season. “We had a good year last year but we are better this year. I think we can win a few more games. Fern Creek is the team that always gets us in the district tournament. I think we can beat them this year and then advance in the regional,” said Mike Brangers. 

The second record that the Chargers plan on beating is winning the district state tournament for the first time in Bullitt East history. The biggest strength they have in helping them bring home the state district tournament is the seniors who have been playing together for a long time and work together well. One of those seniors and the coach’s son Sam Branges talks about the large number of seniors this year and how that will help them in the upcoming season. “Our experience. We have 11 seniors and we only lost three seniors last year. I feel like we have some younger guys that came up from eighth grade or freshmen. They play a big role on the team,” said Sam Brangers.