History at the Bullitt Cup


Brandon Mudd

Landon Tally dribbles down the field weary of the defense to the left of him. On Aug. 13 the boy’s team played Bullitt Central and North Bullitt in the anual Bullitt cup. “I think we went into it knowing we were going to do well, but there’s still some things we need to work on,” Tanner Chitwood said.

Last week the boy’s soccer team swept the field with Christian Academy Louisville (CAL) and then later on that weekend against North Bullitt and Bullitt Central in the Bullitt Cup as well. Senior Colin Elder led the charge and scored his 55th goal to set a new school record during the Bullitt Cup.

In the first game of the week, the Chargers played CAL. “I think we played well, but there’s definitely some things we could work on,” Will Brangers said. The final score in the game was 5-1, which is still a high scoring win in a soccer game, but the players still pointed out small things that needed improvement. “We could focus a little more on things like touch and two passing,” senior Tanner Chitwood said. Mastering these small aspects of the sport would lead to the team doing even better than their already exceptional performance. 

This year’s Bullitt Cup marked another year of East coming out on top against both teams. The team’s chemistry combined with their skill led them to achieve an easy win. “Obviously, I think we’re better than the other teams, but I think our chemistry is a big factor too,” senior Gabe Brangers said. A few members on the team have been playing together and coached by Mike Brangers since they were in Elementary School. “I’ve known a lot of these guys since we were three years old,” Elder said. This greatly contributes to the team’s success. 

As the Chargers geared up to face both Bullitt teams, they had high hopes for themselves  “Going into the game I felt confident. We had that camaraderie, and we’ve had chemistry since we’ve been growing up together, so we play better together,” Elder said. Their confidence held up as the Chargers won both games to extend their record to 4-0. The North Bullitt Game was 4-0 East, and the Bullitt Central game was 7-2 East. This assertiveness that they have will be tested as they head into the main stretch of their season.