Learning From Losses


kyla combs

Samuel Mitchell stole the ball from Ballard’s #7. “We need to make sure we don’t let them score as much as possible.” Brangers said.

Kyla Combs, Staff Writer

Tough losses lead to great wins.

This past week the boys soccer team faced some tough challenges, but ended the week better than ever.

This past week the team had a home game against Ballard, which ended up being very tough  on the team. The score of the game came to 5-0 with Ballard winning, which was a very hard loss for the boys. Many challenges were faced mentally going into the game, which overall affected the performance in many different ways . 

Going into the game against Ballard the team felt very intimidated. “The Ballard game was a very tough game in general, Ballard is ranked at 2nd in the state right now for boys soccer so it was a hard game to go into mentally, but overall I think we did well considering it was our first time being challenged by a team that good.” senior Tanner Chitwood said. With low expectations going into the game the team made little mistakes that cost them a tough loss.

“Obviously 5-0 isn’t a score that a lot would be proud of, but I think that if we didn’t make the small mistakes we made later into the game, the score would have been much closer”. Chitwood said. This loss ultimately prepared the team for their games this past weekend.

This past weekend the team played in a tournament Against Madisonville-North Hopkins and Webster county. North Hopkins is another very high ranked team within the state. With their tough loss against Ballard, the team is overall very happy with the way they played in the tournament. “I think this weekend was a big win for us. I think everyone gave their all, and it paid off. I think the Ballard game prepared us for the games this weekend.” Chitwood said.

After this past week, the team has learned that tough losses can lead to great wins. “The loss made us want to play harder. I think that we really wanted to prove we were better than 5-0.” senior Will Brangers said. “Last year we played in the same tournament and lost against Madisonville, so I think that also made us want to play harder and better. Brangers said.

 There is still plenty of room for improvement to help the team finish out their season stronger and better than ever. “As long as we played well and worked hard together as a team we could have won so we need to work on chemistry as a team.” sophomore Logan Hetzell said.  “I would say something to improve on is being able to play forward through our midfield and not skip the midfield line as often as we did.” Chitwood said. overall The team is learning from their mistakes in order to finish out their season successfully. 

Jackson Young kicks the ball down the field. Last week the Boys Soccer team played Ballard. “I think we need to work on stamina and team chemistry if we want to win.” Logan Hetzell said.