Winning and Losing


Brandon Mudd

Ethan Davis jumps up to get a header on the ball. Last week the Boys Soccer Team played Fern Creek. “I think we’re good we just need to get better with a few little things,” Gabe Brangers said.

Brandon Mudd and Cameron Brown

The Highs and Lows of High School Soccer.

Over the past two weeks the boys soccer team had good wins and tough losses.

The team faced Fern Creek and Holy Cross securing two wins before going into a tough game against DeSales where they lost 5-1 DeSales. They faced challenges in their game that they are working to overcome so they can get back to a winning season. 

Following their loss, getting back to winning was a relief for the boys.“I think we’re all feeling a lot better now,” junior Devin Elder said. The morale was low after their first loss with hopes of an undefeated season being crushed. However, they’ve now gotten 4 more wins under their belt. 

Going into the game against Fern Creek the team felt confident in their abilities to win.“We knew going into it that we would probably win,” senior Gabe Brangers said. The team went in with confidence and took the victory. “I think we did a better job at not getting too cocky this time,” Brangers said. In their loss against Fairdale, most of the team felt it was because they were overconfident and not pushing themselves as much as they needed to. This is something that after that loss, the team has improved upon.

“The Holy Cross game was really intense. I was really worried about losing again for a minute,” Brangers said. At halftime, the score was 3-2 Holy Cross. However, going into the second half, the Chargers really gave it their all, and won the game 6-4. “I think we were definitely the better team. We were just making some small mistakes in the beginning,” Brangers said. These small mistakes were what the players had pointed to earlier in the season as needing improvement. 

Tuesday’s game against DeSales High School showed the team that they are not invincible. “We were not ready. We came out on our heels and they took advantage of that,” said senior Colin Elder. These advantages proved to be deadly for East as they finished the game losing 5-1. With a record of 10-2 going into the last stretch of the season.

A lack of chemistry in the game led to problems with keeping possession of the ball and scoring. “Coming off the long weekend, we hadn’t had a team practice, and we didn’t produce on the field. We need to improve on playing as a team to make it to the next level.” said senior midfielder Ethan Davis. This lack of chemistry and possessions led to East losing as DeSales took advantage of the lack of chemistry and scored 5 goals.

After the tough loss East looks to return to their strong season performances as they advance to their later-season stretch. They are taking the loss as a bump in the road to a greater end to the season. 

The player’s next home game is with Bardstown Sep. 20 at 7:00