They Kick, They Score, They’re Forced to Show Mercy


Mia Miguire

The boys soccer team huddle together before the game against Fort Knox.

Charger boys forced to show mercy against Fort Knox.

The boys soccer team won their only game last week 10-0, putting the Mercy’s rule into play.

The boys soccer team practiced all last week for an upcoming game. Last Thursday, the boys played Fort Knox at home. This upcoming week, they will be preparing and practicing for two games.

Most of the week was spent practicing, even though one of the three was canceled due to the heat index being too high. The boys had a practice Aug. 21, the day before their game against Fort Knox, and another practice Aug. 23.

The game against Fort Knox occurred Aug. 22 and ended with the boys winning by a score of 10-0. According to mercy’s rule, in soccer, if one team gets to ten points without the other team scoring, the game is over. Since Fort Knox hadn’t scored a point the whole game, it ended early with 20 minutes left in the second half. “I thought we played pretty well considering we won 10-0 and even when we were up we still passed to each other and played smart,” said Xavier Glauber, junior. 

This week, the team has two games. The first game is an away game against Christain Academy of Louisville at 5:30 pm. The second game is a home game and they will be playing Fairdale High School at 5:30 p.m.