Catch Up On Boys Soccer


Mia Maguire

Sophomore Colin Elder gets carried off the field after season ending injury.

Mia Maguire, Editor-in-Chief

Preseason feelings

The team has been practicing since early June and taken all the right precautions to reduce contact with each other. That included only running, shooting and dribbling drills for an extended period of time before restrictions allowed contact play. Coach Mike Brangers cut tryouts this year and allowed anyone who was conditioning to stay on the team due to the unusual circumstances. “One kid could get COVID and it could change everything,” sophomore, Colin Elder said. 


Unfazed by Coronavirus restrictions, athletes and soccer fans are only concerned with finishing out the season. On the field, athletes are not required to wear masks. However, players on the bench, coaches and spectators must keep them on. The coaches have received great support from their players and families who are just excited for the opportunity to have a season. 


The only other requirement is the cap at 150 spectators at games. Senior captains, Mitchell Pickett and Xavier Glauber, as well as Elder all agreed that having a limit on the fans wouldn’t change the way the team played since they don’t typically have a large turn out.  “If it’s different then it’s different. We’ll just go out there and play,” Pickett said.


The team had to deal with some big adjustments as they began playing again after losing 12 seniors from the previous year. This season has been one of rebuilding and learning to work together to fill the gaps. 


 “I think our biggest obstacle will be learning to play as a team with a lineup that will give us an advantage. Last season, we not only had a good starting line up, but we also had a bench full of eager players who worked hard when they were on the field. This year, our bench won’t be the same, since most of those guys from last year are now starting. We really need our younger guys to step up and put in the work. If they can accomplish that, I think we will do really well this season,” senior captain, Logan Clark said. An uncertain yet hopeful attitude for their upcoming matches has set an interesting tone for the boys.


Elder’s Injury 

Thurs Sept 10, was the first game of the season and it was against Cooper High School. “I’m looking forward to this first game of the year, Cooper because we have never played them before and they are a team from Northern Kentucky,” said sophomore Colin Elder before the game.

Unfortunately, it was this game that would be Elder’s last for the season. 

Elder is a key member of the Charger team and a dynamic player, consistently working the ball up the field and getting the ball in the net.  “All I have to do is tire out the other team and then Colin can finish it,” said Glauber.


Midway through the game, as Elder carried the ball up the field, his foot rolled over the ball causing him to trip and break his tibia. “Well I knew as soon as it happened my season was done… I thought it was worse than a broken tibia. I thought it was my ACL because I heard it pop,” said Elder.


Though this may shake the other players on the team, Elder isn’t too worried for their success. “Well I knew that it was hurtful for our season but I think our team can work through this. We have had plenty of injuries and we are getting better. It will take time though. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of younger guys step in and take my position,” said Elder.


The healing process for Elder is going to be a long one, but he’s keeping a positive attitude. “Well I just am keeping my head up. I can’t put any pressure on it for 2 months and then we will go from there,” said Elder.

Rest of the Season 

These are the games and the scores of each that have been played so far:

Sep 10, 20 Cooper home (L) 1 2
Sep 14, 20 Central away   2 2
Sep 17, 20 Whitefield Academy home (W) 4 1
Sep 21, 20 Fairdale away   3 3
Sep 22, 20 Bardstown home (L) 1 2
Sep 29, 20 DeSales home (W) 2 1
Oct 1, 20 Fern Creek home (L) 3 6
Oct 3, 20 LaRue County away (W) 3 1

Their next game is at Thomas Nelson, Oct 8, at 7 pm.