Heartbreaking Loss Brings Optimism


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior quarterback Aeron Adams walking off the field. Bullitt East barely lost against North Bullitt with a score of 60-59, and this was the last game of this season. “We played hard, and we fought hard. It wasn’t the result we were hoping for, but is a step for us to build on,” Adams said, “It’s definitely heartbreaking (that this is his last home, and season, game), as it was my last time on the field. I will never forget that game, and will have it forever.”

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

They fought the fight.

Although the teamt lost, coaches and players believe they fought hard and they’re proud of themselves.

North Bullitt High School came out victorious Nov. 6, with a score of 60-59. Receivers Coach Tyler Faucett was upset about the loss, but knows that we definitely played at our best. Players believe that they played pretty good Friday. 

This loss was brought during overtime, with the fourth quarter being ended with a score of 53-53. 

Faucett believes that this game went pretty good, and they gave it their all. “Obviously we are disappointed to have lost, but our players gave a great effort. We fought the entire night, and in the end, came up just a bit short. North Bullitt has a very experienced and good football team. We gave them a great ball game, with a bunch of young guys playing a lot of snaps for us,” Faucett said. 

Faucett noticed that the players truly worked hard, as the highlights from this game. “We had 691 yards of total offense, and scored 59 points. Travis Egan was 31 of 44 passing for 449 yards, and six touchdowns. He added 70 yards rushing, and a touchdown. Aeron Adams ran for 82 yards, and played all over the field on offense, and defense. Daniel Gilbert caught 15 passes for 203 yards, and three touchdowns. Camron Brogan had 10 catches and two touchdowns. Nolan Davenport had seven catches for 141 yards and a touchdown in his first varsity start.  Bryce Clements had 85 yards receiving, and an interception,” Faucett said. 

Faucett believes that there are players that deserve credit, for the way they played Friday night. “Anytime you put up those kind of numbers, the offensive line deserves a lot of credit. Those guys are Nathan Mitchell, Peyton Cooper, Jacob Kaufman, Xavier Hansen and Peyton Stafford,” Faucett said. 

Head Coach Ethan Atchley was proud of the way that they played Friday night. “I’m proud of how we played. We had to prepare and show up tonight. This game will always be a battle, and I’m proud of the way we fought. We’ve got to keep getting better at who we are. We’ve got to regroup, ice up, and play football,” said Atchley, according to the Bullitt East Football Twitter page. 

Faucett has plans for improvement for the upcoming play-offs, such as their “depth.” “Our biggest issue right now is depth. We have some really talented players, but a lot of them are having to play almost every play of the game. It is important for us to have some recovery time to hopefully get some guys back, and be as close to 100% as we can,” Faucett said, “We get to play football again. That is a great thing. We just found out that they are pushing the playoffs back a week, which will hopefully help us get some guys that have been out, back. We are familiar with Fern Creek. This will be the fourth game with them, in the last two years. We just have to go play our best football, and take advantage of opportunities when we get them.” Faucett just wants the team to try their best at play-offs.

The challenges that Faucett has noticed to get to where they are, are how COVID-19 has affected the season. “This year has had a lot of challenges. Not having a full off-season is tough for everyone, but our team is very young, and we missed out on a lot of teaching time this summer. We only dressed 10 guys that were juniors, or seniors, Friday night. 50 of our 60 players that dressed are freshmen, and sophomores. When you are counting on that many young guys, you have to keep things simple, and try to help them play fast,” Faucett said.

Faucett is upset that this is the last game of the season, because he knows that the seniors will miss playing on the football team. “We are hoping to get to play for a few more weeks, but this time of year is when the seniors all tell you how fast it went by, and tell the younger guys to enjoy it while they can. The young guys never really listen, but they will be in the same place their senior year telling those next classes the same thing. As a coach, you just hope that the experience of playing high school football has been one that helps these guys become better men as they go on to whatever is next in their lives. You hope that they can take the lessons that this game teaches, and apply them to whatever they do,” Faucett said.

Senior quarterback Aeron Adams believes that this game went alright. “We played with great effort, and heart. We just needed to limit our mistakes, is what it came down to,” Adams said, “Our offense clicked very well, as we scored 59 points, which is a positive to take away.” Adams noticed their offense as a highlight from this game.

Adams has plans for improvement, for himself, for the upcoming play-offs. “Practice hard, and work better as a team, and limit mistakes,” Adams said, “I think if we play hard, and continue to work, then we have a chance to win our first playoff game in years.” Adams believes that they will have a chance at winning play-offs.

Adams has had to face some challenges to get to where he is. “We’ve had injuries, and COVID to deal with, all year, but it is no excuse for us,” Adams said, “It’s definitely heartbreaking, as it was my last time on the field. I will never forget that game, and will have it forever.” Adams feels heartbroken that this was the last game of his final season.

Senior receiver Daniel GIlbert believes that this game went not so well, considering they lost . “I mean, we lost, so I don’t think it went very good,” GIlbert said, “I feel I played alright. I wish I could’ve done a little bit more to help get the win, but I feel that my teammates all were playing their butts off, and we all were playing together.” 

GIlbert noticed a couple of highlights from this game. “Some highlights would be Travis throwing for 7 DS, and 458 yards, and my o-line blocking, giving him time to throw the ball,” Gilbert said.

Also, fun fact, sophomore Travis Egan broke his father’s records, when playing football Friday night. Gilbert aldo broke a record, but he broke the school record. 

GIlbert has plans for improvement, for himself, for the upcoming play-offs. “The plan to improve is by going hard at practice, in the weight room, and studying film on our opponent,” GIlbert said, “I’m hoping this game helps build the confidence up on our offense, so we can go out there, and score points again like that.” GIlbert hopes that the team will play playoffs like they did Friday.

Gilbert has had to face some challenges to get to where he is. “We have had to battle some injuries, and overcome some people adjusting to new spots, and getting everyone on the same page since we are a younger team this year,” GIlbert said, “It’s sad that it was my last game I’m ever going to play on that field. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it’s in God’s hands now, and just got to move forward, and get ready for Fern Creek.” Gilbert feels sad that this was the last game of his final season.

The next game are play-offs, which will be Nov. 13, at 7:30 p.m., against Male on their home field.