Finally Back On The Mat


Natalie McGarry, Fun Coordinator

Tumbling back into the season.

The cheerleaders had their first competition Sunday, Feb. 21. 

Their first competition was a success, with them winning. The cheerleaders are excited to finally compete again. As the season continues, they hope to keep improving and have successes, like this one. 

With their first competition, it was a success for the cheerleaders. They won in their division, and won grand champions, out of everyone, with a total score of 95.5. Everything in their routine hit and it was a nice way to start the season off, in players’ opinions.

After multiple schedule changes, and stops in the season, the cheer team was finally able to have their first competition. “It felt exciting to be able to perform again,” senior Olivia Procter said, “It was starting to get frustrating when the competitions kept getting pushed back.” The cheerleaders were excited to get started, and they were happy to not have to wait to compete anymore. 

It might have taken a while for the cheerleaders to finally start competing, but they didn’t let it get to them. “We learned as long as we build each other up and support one another we can do well under pressure,” Proctor said. They hope to continue bringing this energy into the rest of the season, and continue with their successes. 

The next competition is March 7, at Bullitt Central High School.