Another Win For the Season


Natalie McGarry

Junior Kaylie Scott performs her part of the routine. The cheer team had their Louisville Invitational Tournament (LIT) competition at Valley Traditional High School on Jan. 22. “The girls and I have been working extremely hard to stay consistent with our stunts and tumbling, this close to leaving (for Nationals). That’s really the most we can do,” Scott said.

Natalie McGarry, Editor-in-Chief

Getting LIT at the competition.

The cheer team had their Louisville Invitational Tournament (LIT) competition at Valley Traditional High School on Jan. 22.

The LIT is different from the normal competitions the team has in their season. The team placed very well in this competition, continuing their winning streak for the season. Their next competition coming up is Nationals and the team is finding the best way to prepare for it. 

The team placed First in their Medium division, Grand Champions in the High School Division and were awarded Mega Grand Champs with their overall score being the highest at the competition. “My team and I had really come together after having some ups and downs prior, but at this LIT comp I felt like we definitely got over that stump,” junior Kaylie Scott said. Doing well at the LIT helps the team feel confident in each other for the next big performance.

LIT competitions are different from regular cheer competitions. In a LIT, teams only from Lousiville compete in the competition while in other competitions, teams from other cities can also perform. “In normal comps, teams from all around compete. In the LIT, they had a category of who got the highest score in the entire competition, not just by division,” Scott said. The teams they competed against we more localized and it let them see who they were up against around them.

Nationals is where the season will end and where all the hard work has led up to. The LIT competition was the last competitive and public performance the team will have before they headed to Nationals. “The bar is set extremely high this year for Nationals considering we have a title to defend. This would be a four-time National championship if we win. It’s definitely nerve-racking knowing that every single team that we go against in the Medium division is so good and that just means we have to give everything we have on us those three days we compete at Nationals. All we can do is have faith in the skills we have been given and just make them look crisp and perfect,” Scott said. 

The team’s next performance will be on Feb. 4 at Bullitt East for their Nationals Send-Off.