Another State Championship Win Taken Home


Dec. 10 our cheer team won the State Championship. This makes the 10th consecutive win at the State Championship. “It feels very rewarding to be a part of the team to win 10 times consecutively,” junior Jordyn Hawkins said. Photo Credit: Natalie McGarry

Natalie McGarry, Editor-in-Chief

10 in a row. 

Saturday, Dec. 10, the Cheerleaders competed in the KHSAA State Cheerleading Competition.

The Cheerleaders have won the State Championship 10 consecutive times. Like any competition, the team had its struggles, but injured teammates affected this one the most. The end goal for the season is Nationals and the team is preparing for hopefully a successful run. 

The Cheerleaders picked up their 9th State Championship in a row, this makes 10 consecutive in total. “It feels good to know that I have been part of the legacy and we have kept the streak going,” junior Abbie Mann said. After their win and the continuation of the wins, the team is feeling confident in their routine and each other. 

Going into state, there were some different challenges they were faced with. The team has struggled with a variety of injuries and sickness in the past weeks and have had to continue working through them. “We had more injuries throughout the season and took a lot of time to get where we were during State,” junior Jordyn Hawkins said. The team still has time before their biggest competition yet but whether they can get everyone in the best of shape before then is the question. 

After the State Championship, the Cheerleaders have to start preparing for Nationals. “Now we just filmed a video to compete as medium (size of their team) at Nationals. We aren’t sure if we’ll be large or medium, but know that either way, we will give it everything we have,” Hawkins said. Nationals will be the end of the cheer season but it is what most teams look forward to during their season. “We are very excited for Nationals. We have done some easy stuff this year but we are going to surprise everyone with the kind of stunts we will be doing at Nationals and just the overall routine,” Mann said. 

The team’s next competition performance will be Jan. 21 at Bullitt East.