Football Team Breaks Two Year Streak Against Fern Creek


Brodie Curtsinger

Junior Nolan Davenport celebrating touchdown during the third quarter. Bullitt East faced Fern Creek Oct. 8, and won for the first time in two years, 20-6. “We played pretty well. Our defense was shutting them down, and our offense did what they had to do to win the game,” Davenport said.

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor

The third time’s the charm.

With last season’s Fern Creek Oct. 9 game ending in 41-14, Creek, and the season’s before last Oct. 11 game ending in 21-18, Creek, it’s safe to say the streak has died on their third chance against them in the past three years.

Oct. 8, they played against Fern Creek High School, at our field. Head Coach Ethan Atchley was very proud of how the team played against Fern Creek the night of Oct. 8. Junior Travis Egan and junior Nolan Davenport are very excited about how they played, and the fact that they were finally able to beat Fern Creek.

They won the game against Fern Creek, with a score of 20-6, Chargers.

During the first quarter, the Chargers were the only ones to score a touchdown by Egan, with the extra point being good, bringing it to 7-0, Chargers. Then, during the second quarter, Chargers scored another touchdown bringing it to 13-0, Chargers.

During the third quarter, the Tigers scored their first touchdown, with the extra point being not good, bringing it to 13-6, Chargers. Then, during the fourth quarter, Chargers scored another touchdown by Davenport, with the extra point being good, bringing it to 20-6, Chargers.

The game had a pink-out for the Redzone Rowdies, for Breast Cancer Awareness, and during halftime, they did a moment of silence and an applause for those who’ve battled it, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

This was their first game using the newly installed scoreboard on Egan Field the day of Sept. 30, since the installation. This was also the first game of districts, as well.

Atchley believes the Oct. 8 game went pretty well with them coming out the win. “(The game went) very good, for getting the monkey off our back, exercising some demons whichever way you want to look at it. Fern Creek had been one that when we first moved up to 6A, we played really well against the very first time, very well should have beat, didn’t end up beating them, and you turn around in the playoffs, and you come close and then it turns into a blowout that first year, and then last year, we played as bad of a football game as I can think about here in three years since I’ve been here,” Atchley said, “They’re a good well-coached team that has athletic kids and coaches been there for a while, and it does a good job with them, and they give us some problems, and some of it I think was as much mental as anything else sometimes. Now that we’ve gotten that one (a win against them), I hope that we don’t have to turn back, and think about that anymore.”

Atchley noticed a few highlights from the Fern Creek game. “The win (was a big highlight today), and anyway we could get it, and then ultimately, Travis (Egan), Camron (Brogan), and Nolan (Davenport) having to do a lot of the legwork for us, because Mason Gauthier didn’t play, and so we kind of used the running back by committee and/or got a few kids to play in the running back position, and/or getting a few different formations that we didn’t plan to get in until mid-week,” Atchley said, “Ryan had almost 100 yards, had about 15 carries, and he didn’t necessarily put up Mason Gauthier electric freak numbers who is almost leading the state in rushing, but Ryan stepped up big for us and gave us everything we needed in order to secure that win, so I’m really proud of him.” Some of the highlights that Atchley noticed were highlights such as junior Ryan Richardson.

For the upcoming games, Atchley plans to improve his team, by planning for senior night. “Well, we got senior night coming up, and we’ve got some kids that were here as freshmen, when the program maybe wasn’t doing so hot, and they came in for the last three years and have done everything we asked. So, we’re going to celebrate them as we improve this week, and they get back to practice, and we’ve got our work cut out for us from a run fit perspective, they run a single wing next week, and run some wing-t principles,and they got some athletic kids just like Fern Creek does. So, we’ll have to get back and make sure we can get back to blocking and tackling, and rest up, and get healthier,” Atchley said.

Egan feels that the game against Fern Creek went pretty good both defensively and offensively. “I feel like our defense stepped up big time this game. Our offense, we need to execute in the future, but overall, a win’s a win, and it’s good to beat Fern Creek in the district, as always,” Egan said, “We stood up on defense, threw a lot, and we scored when we needed to. So, I think that was a really high point.” Some of the highlights from the day, in Egan’s opinion, was their defense and offense.

Egan plans to improve, by continuing to step up for their district games on their offense and defense. “Executing on the offense, and still shutting them down on the defense (is how he plans to improve for the next game),” Egan said.

Davenport feels that the game went pretty well. “We played pretty well. Our defense was shutting them down, and our offense did what they had to do to win the game,” Davenport said, “We had some big plays to bust out and some big tackles (were the highlights).” There were a couple of  highlights that Davenport noticed, from the day, such as the tackling.

Davenport has a plan to improve, and it is by watching the Southern film for next week. “We’re going to watch our Southern film for next week, and see what they do (is how they plan to improve),” Davenport said.

The next game will be a home game, against Southern, at 7:30, Oct. 15.