Tis the season, right?

Tis the season, right?

Amy Burelison, Staff Writer

After kids run along the streets of neighborhoods,

Desperately looking for candy,

With the swishing of plastic costumes echoing

And doorbell rings

They go and sleep in their beds after their sugar rush wears off

But the second midnight on November 1st dings,

The crazed christmas adults awaken from their year long slumber

With terrible hallmark movies in hand

And the foretold defrosting of Mariah Carey

Tis the season, right?


As november goes on, 

It’s like people skip the fall

And ignore the changing burnt amber leaves

And go straight to the snow

And fuzzy socks 

Sitting around a fire

With the same movies on repeat just like the year before

Stores are already profiting off kids repeated wishes,

And are rolling in money in early november,

While some families are blowing off money on 10, 20, 30 presents,

Some parents are working double shifts just to get 1

Tis the season, right

As november ends, the more that pops up

Salvation army santa’s 

And hundreds of gift drives

And winter coat donations

And secret santa for kids with parents who can’t afford gifts

It’s like people grow a heart the first of december

Why can’t they keep it for the rest of the year?

Christmas tree farms get packed and packed

And fake trees are packed and shipped out

I enjoy this part

You see people happy

Holding hands in gloves,

Ice skating with their song playing in the background,

And gifts to show how much they care

If only I could do that in public with you

If only people’s hearts covered how people love this month too,

But tis the season, right? 

December is filled with family meetings every weekend

And kids getting overstimulated faster than the cars hydroplaning on the roads outside

There’s kids disappointed they didn’t get the right colored car,

Or the wrong model of Iphone,

And then there are kids upset

Cause they only got 3 gifts this year when last year they had 5

And parents longing to explain why

But knowing the teary eyed little one under the tree

Wouldn’t understand till years in the future

Tis the season, right?


In my case,

I must confess,

Some of the things I regret

Have happened in December

So talking breaths in the cold, seeing my breath turn to fog,

Reminds me of going to my grandparents and slipping on the porch with my cousins, now my grandma who only has her son and her dogs to celebrate christmas with this year

Seeing certain dates, and snapchat memories, brings back thoughts I’d rather not think about

It reminds me of my split with the two most important people in my life then, and the thoughts I wanted to commit then. 

It reminds me of how thankful I am that I have one of them back,

And people in my life who won’t up and hurt me anymore

Maybe this christmas will be good

Maybe I take it back

You know what?

Tis the season