Pictured is me and the person this poem is written about, don’t worry we made up.

Amy Burelison


I remember, all the way back in december

When things started going down 

You said that you loved me the week before,

And now I think you don’t anymore


I remember the day

When you let it all go

And you dropped the best thing that you’ve ever known

All because she made you drop my hand with a pissed off tone

Did you really feel like you had to?

Was there something that I could do, 

I really wish to know,

To bring you right back to me?


I remember the pain

You installed in me

A virus that almost 

Cleaned my slate

And I almost rode down the cliff

Until I found a road to pull up to instead


I remember the healing

And drainage and stitches

That mended me from the pain of that night

It took me a while 

To get me to smile

Until I found the right places to go to

Even though I had swore off of you

I asked people how you’d been

And wished desperately to see pictures

I should have kept every scrap I had of you,

If I had known there was a chance

My wishing penny would make it true


I remember the days 

When I longed for you the most

But I thought you didn’t need me anymore

So I waited like a toy from your childhood

You forgotten and thought you didn’t need

Until the day you did


I remember the dream I had

Of envisioning what could have been

If I sucked it up and said something sooner

And the things we could have done

Then I woke up crying

With an assignment to complete 

To try to fix it all


I remember us running around the football field 

A couple days after we started again

And I looked at you 

Like a star in the sky 

That shines brighter than the rest 

And I don’t think my friends 

Have seen me this happy

In a long time

I hope my favorite person is proud of me

For giving you all I’ve got

And I’m proud of you 

For cutting that her off

And finding yourself again


It feels like nothings changed

Except that your the tall one now

And we realized the mistakes of the past

But deep down I know it’s still you

And that I’m still me

So don’t blame me

If I stare into your blue-green eyes

Cause it’s the last thing reminding me of what used to be