Amy Burelison, Staff Writer

Silly old me

Cut off everyone I could ever see

Just cause you and me

Didn’t work for a split second


Silly old me

Alone again

Leaving everyone in the dark then

Beating myself up in a park when

I got lost in the things I couldn’t say


Small little things

In small little places

Reminded me of the silly things we used to do

Back when it was only me and you,


My sister texting and calling all day, there you are

Sitting in the car and my parents lost their way, there you are

Walking into Disney, someone brings up PEMDAS, there you are

Two best friends who are only here for Star Wars, there you are

Someone calls out to a kid with the same name as our best friend,

The kid bearing the haircut you hate, there you are

A cast member with the same name as you, no letter C either, there you are


Kids somehow identical to you until I look a second time

Looking at me weird as if I committed some kind of crime

They’ll never know me the way you do

These copycats would never call me by the same annoying nicknames

Or know all the made-up rules to stupid games

But they look like you 

And that’s enough to jump-start a heart attack


Now here I am, sitting and waiting for you

Haven’t talked to you in a month, what are you gonna do?

Push me away? Pull me in?

Asking me desperately where I’ve been?

Will you be worried? Will you be relieved?

How will my sudden appearance be perceived?

Until then, I’ll wait like how you waited for me

In the cold and quiet

I wish I could just talk to you, 

But that’s the worst thing I could do