Give it Up for the Dance Team


Photo: Cameron Brown

The dance team gathers before a performance, hoping for the best outcome for their hard work. The girls have practiced hard all season and are continuing to improve with every step and every fall. “Just getting out there and making a name for the team is motivation…the team isn’t very represented so I think it’s nice to make a good name for the team and show people what we do, that’s motivating,” senior dancer Katelyn Powers said.

Milana Ilickovic, Photography Editor

They feel so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful.

The dance team is so successful; when obstacles stand in their way, they always come back united and stronger.

The dance team is in the middle of a very successful season, consistently adding new achievements to their record. A contributing factor is the amount of support the girls share for one another and their passion for the sport. Having such an important place at Bullitt East, the team wants to stand out, make a name for themselves, and gain more recognition.

Dance has had a beneficial season so far, growing and learning with every step of a routine. From performing pep rallies to competition, the girls are always ready to take on what’s next. “We are learning new tricks and doing things we haven’t before, which is really exciting,” senior dancer Katelyn Powers said. Having had an eventful season this year, the team doesn’t overlook the highlights of this year and the great opportunities that were given to them. “Dancing with Male and getting to do sidelines at state were very big moments. Male is like our sister team because we go to all the same competitions and practice at the same studio, they’re such an amazing team,” Powers said. 

Katelyn Powers (right) and Bailee Higgins (left) excited to perform. (Photo: Cameron Brown)

With growth and new accomplishments, the team uplifts their members often. “Kortney is a sophomore and she has the strongest and sharpest movements I am beyond proud of her. Chloe is a seventh grader who quit cheer and now dances and she is amazing. She has had an injury for a while with her knee and she keeps trying and trying. Finally, we have Savannah, Savannah has been dancing for some time and she is amazing. I love her and I am proud of how hard she has been working this year,” Junior dancer Sam Gourd said.

With new opportunities, come places to grow and learn. “Our weaknesses are probably staying sharp and keeping our time together. Most of our dances we do are hip-hop, so learning Pom is new to most of us. Pom is very fast and you have to be very sharp, if you miss a count, it completely throws the whole thing off, that’s what’s so tricky about it…I think we can improve by working as a whole to count the music together and make sure everyone knows which count they go on through and through,” Powers said. Powers received an injury recently, leaving her with a fractured foot, but she is still able to be a great supporter of the team. “I loved being their cheerleader. I got to sit with my coaches and support them. Of course, I wish I was out there with them but their excitement gave me excitement. I’m so proud of how far these girls have come, and getting to support them was a highlight of the competition, in my eyes,” Powers said. One thing that the girls keep consistent is enthusiasm and passion for what they do. “I think the team has been the best at cheering each other on and being supportive of each other. I mean all of us have our problems but we continue to cheer each other on,” Gourd said. 

Dance team performing at the Gold Out football home game. Photo: Makayla Boulware

From winning second and third place in the “Game Day” and “Small Pom Division” categories at LIT this weekend to dancing sidelines at the football team’s state game, dance has had a considerably successful season filled with accomplishments. “Just getting out there and making a name for the team is motivation…the team isn’t very represented so I think it’s nice to make a good name for the team and show people what we do, that’s motivating,” Powers said. The girls dance with integrity and confidence; traits that will land the team a page in Bullitt East history. All that is needed next is more support from the school. Coming out to games and seeing the team in action is only a glimpse of what they are capable of at their own competitions.