Bullitt Central Cheerleaders Involved in Car Accident

Jasmine Meeks and Lindsay Renneisen

Crashing into Disney.

On the way to Orlando, Florida for nationals, 29 Bullitt Central High School cheerleaders and three coaches got into a car crash.

The Bullitt Central cheerleaders were jolted by the crash late Wednesday night. The driver of the car will be facing multiple charges but has minor injuries. They arrived at Disney as planned for nationals except an hour later, on different buses.

Around 2:00 a.m., the charter bus the cheerleaders were on was struck head on by a drunk driver, Alissa Mills, 22 of Atlanta. The driver has minor injuries and was taken to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia where the wreck occurred. Mills will be facing multiple charges including a DUI, reckless driving, and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Sophomore and cheerleader for Bullitt Central, Peyton Bailey said, “Everyone is fine, just very very freaked out.” The bus was struck head on, so the cheerleaders had to use the emergency exit to get off of the bus. “The whole front row was taken out,” said Bailey. All of the cheerleaders are OK with no injuries.

“We had to turn around and go get the BC cheerleaders when it happened. There was another team on the bus in front of us (Larue County) and some of them got on their bus and the rest got on ours,” said sophomore BE cheerleader Brooke Stivers.

Even though East and Central are rivals at home, they have each others backs in situations like this. Because of this delay, they arrived at Disney two hours late. But, as long as everyone was okay, neither team was complaining.