Fulghum Steps Down As Cheer Coach

Brennah Denkhoff, Staff Writer

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Fulghum steps down as head cheerleading coach after four long years.

US History teacher Nate Fulghum has decided to step down as the Bullitt East cheerleading coach.

For four years Fulghum has been the cheerleading coach at Bullitt East. He has decided to leave this title though for professional and personal reasons. East cheerleaders will miss him, but they will never forget everything he’s done for them.

Being the Bullitt East cheerleading coach has brought about many accomplishments for Fulghum. Some of these include winning 2 state championships in just one year and winning a national championship. Even through all this though he said, “Nothing can replace the impact you have on them as a coach and helping them grow as people and into adults.”

There’s a specific professional reason behind Fulghum leaving his coaching position. “Professionally I’ve got to continue on with my graduate work and finish that out. My goal is to get my administration certificate and be a principal one day,” said Fulghum.

Through his time being the coach, Fulghum has had a great impact on many the Bullitt East cheerleaders. One specific cheerleader is sophomore Brooke Stivers. “He has done so much not only for the program as a whole but for me. He has shaped me into a well rounded person and cheerleader,” said Stivers.

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