Boys Soccer Season Recap

Owen Jagielo, Staff Writer

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Seasons change and so do players on a soccer team.

The 2016-17 boys varsity soccer team’s season has ended and some of the team members reflect on it.

Overall, the players and coach believed the team did well, but agreed they had some unexpected things happen. Some key events that happened were two injuries and tournament action.

They ended their season with an overall record 6-11-3, meaning six wins, 11 losses, and three ties. Michael Brangers, the head coach of the team, thinks the team played well throughout the season despite some downfalls. “Our overall record isn’t what I expected it to be, but what we accomplished was good,” said Brangers.

Some players think the team had a great season. “We have a good team in general and we could make a mark in history,” said Nate Drake, senior defensive center back.

Others state that the season was not what they had in mind to happen. “It wasn’t what we expected at all. We were hoping to do much better both in the regular and postseason,” said Justin Alden, junior center attacking midfielder

There were two injuries this season, senior Harrison Glauber and Alden. “I think my injuries and Harrison’s were vital because Harrison is a big part of our defense. And whenever we were both out, there were five games where we hadn’t scored one goal,” said Alden.

The team participated in a few tournaments this season. The first one was the Trojan Classic in Barren County on September 16. They played Barren County and won 4-1. The next game was on September 17 against LaRue County. The team ended up losing 2-1.

They played in another tournament, which was the District 24. The first game was on October 11 against Whitefield Academy. They swept Whitefield 5-0. The next game of the tournament was on October 14 in the championship against Fern Creek, but they lost 3-1.

The last tournament the team played in was the Region 6. They played Fairdale on October 16 and ended up losing 4-3 in their first game. “ I would have liked to win the last match against Fairdale and go to the next round in Region, but overall, I’m pretty satisfied [about how the team played],” said Brangers.

On their schedule, the boys soccer team had tough matchups for them. Some of their hardest games were ones like district rival Fern Creek, who they have always had a hard time to beat in the past too, and North Hardin High School, who made it to the final four in state this year. “Our toughest game would have to be our first regular season game against North Hardin. We lost and it was hard to get momentum going,” said Alden.

Coach Brangers plans to get the team started into Futsal League, which is an alternative version of soccer, after Christmas break and then do workouts in the spring.

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