Eastside Cheerleading to Team USA Junior

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Eastside Cheerleading to Team USA Junior

Lauryn Smith, Staff Writer

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The Eastside Middle School cheerleading team will be representing the nation at this years International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championship in April.

Some of Eastside’s older cheerleaders feel as if it will be unfair for the alumni and other alumni feel proud and happy of their past team. Some of the cheerleaders from the past want to be on team USA Junior, while others do not. Both of the Eastside teams have won a UCA, United Cheerleading Association, National High School Cheerleading Championship and the blue team has won a world’s championship two times in February at Orlando, Florida.

Some people and former cheerleaders believe that they have seen teams with the same amount of talent and have won nationals, but never got the type of recognition that Eastside is getting. Those alumni believe that when they cheered for Eastside, they were just as good as this years team, but they never got the recognition.

“I think people on the team should be from before because we were just as good and the team this year hasn’t won nationals and hasn’t even been to nationals yet. This years team is not that much better than from when i was in 8th grade we were just as good,” said former Eastside cheerleader and sophomore Skylar Baker.

Others believe that Eastside deserves to represent our country because the girls on the team have been pushed so hard and have worked and earned their recognition.

“I am super happy for them! It makes me happy because me being an alumni of that school, to see my middle school succeed,” said former Eastside cheerleader and sophomore Cassidy Burroughs.

Cheerleaders that have cheered at Eastside and are 16 or younger are allowed to be on team USA junior. Some former cheerleader would love the opportunity to go back and be on the team, but others do not feel as if they’d want to go back. Because of their experience, alumni believe they should be given a shot at being apart of this team.

“I would love to be chosen for the olympic team. It’s literally a dream of mine and I would love to be on that team again performing with them, especially for the olympics. I feel that I have worked very hard for that team and I was one of only a few to be on the blue team for a few years, so I take a lot of pride in that team and our accomplishments there,” said former Eastside cheerleader and freshman Shelby Knieriem.

Other former cheerleaders do not want to join the team because they are already planning on cheerleading for their high school team and it would take time out of their practices. Since the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championship is less than two months away from high school tryouts, some athletes worry that they will not get much time if other cheerleaders join team USA junior.

“Eastside cheer wouldn’t be what it is now without the hardwork and dedication of the coaches. They have created a vision of what a successful cheer team should be. I believe that eastside cheer succeeds because it goes deeper than just cheer. Every practice we gave a 110% and always pushed the boundaries to increase level of difficulty. We were all taught to be well-rounded kids by learning responsibility and volunteering as well,” said former Eastside cheerleader and sophomore Haylee Miles.

The main reason people believe Eastside cheer is so successful is because of their alumni cheerleaders and their coaches. The cheerleaders put in a lot of their own time during the season. The coaches push their athletes harder and harder each year to reach their final goal, to win a national and world championship.

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