Weekly Recap: Boys Soccer

Jaydrien Jarrett, Staff Writer

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The team hits a slight rough patch this week going 1-2 for the week.

Tuesday, Sep. 18 marked Coach Mike Branger’s 150 win with the team. The team beat Jeffersontown winning with a score of 8-2. The team started the week well by winning their first game but then fell losing to Greenwood and Butler.

Tuesdays game against Jeffersontown saw the team dominating in a 8-2 win. This also marked Head Coach Mike Brangers 150 win under the team. The game against Jeffersontown saw Justin Campbell scoring the final two goals of the game. The team started off the game well and finished 4-1 at the half. Juniors Devon Newton, Zak Perdew, Joseph Osbourne, Nate Hampton and senior Will Elder also scored.

The team then went to face Butler in an away game. Butler scored the first five goals of the game putting East down 0-5 before the Half. After the shakey first half East tried to come back but were unsuccessful and ended up not being able to score in the second half either. The end result of the game saw Butler winning 7-0.

Later the same day the team faced Greenwood at Fairdale. The game started out rocky with Greenwood scoring the first three goals of the game. Will Elder then came back in the second half to score to give the team their first goal of the day. Greendale came back to score one more time by the end of the game to make the final score 4-1.

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