Six-Time State Cheerleading Champions


Dani Williams

The cheerleading team is posing with the state championship trophy. They have won the KHSAA cheerleading state championship title the past five years. “I was so excited and so happy when we won state this year, especially since it’s my final year,” said Dani Williams.

Lauryn Smith, Multimedia Editor

The cheerleading team has been named state champions for the sixth time in the past five years.

After competing and placing first at the KHSAA regional competition in Lexington, the cheerleading team had advanced to the state competition which was also held in Lexington. This past weekend, on Saturday, Dec. 8, the cheerleading team travelled to the Kentucky Horse Park to perform in the Alltech Arena to compete at the KHSAA state competition to perform and compete for another state championship title.

They competed against 13 other teams in the super large all-girl division. After performing, the team had to wait about an hour and a half for awards. Between this time, the teammates and coaches were not confident in how they would place. With the cheer team being expected to win, a lot of pressure was being put on their shoulders.

Since they did not hit the routine, they were worried that they would place low. “I know we can hit our routine, so I was upset when we didn’t. I was worried about what place we were going to get. We all thought we weren’t going to get first,” said senior cheerleader Dani Williams.

After waiting for what felt like forever, all of the teams in the division gathered on the blue mats to find out who had won the competition. Anxiously waiting, they had finally been named state champions again. “When we won, it felt amazing. I cried happy tears,” said Williams.