Emily Harris Named New Cheerleading Head Coach

ellie poole, staff writer

The cheerleading team is making big changes for the upcoming season.

Emily Harris has taken the position of the new head coach of the cheerleading team.

After Jeff Shaber stepped down from the head coach position of the cheerleading team, the hunt was on for a new coach. Harris, a former Bullitt East cheerleader, seemed to be just right for the position. She graduated in 2015 and cheered all four years of high school.

Harris has cheered for most of her life and is now pursuing her career in teaching at the University of Louisville. However, she knew that she also wanted to coach alongside of that. “I volunteered as a coach for the team last year, so that helped me see what cheer is like from the coaching side and made me even more excited,” she said.

The cheer team had a very successful season in which they brought home a Regional and State Championship title, along with second place at Nationals. Harris said a couple of her goals for next season is to improve the performance at football and basketball games and to continue the success from previous years. “I am excited to get the year started and see what the team will be like,” said Harris.

Junior Shelby Knieriem says their main goal is just to improve. “We’re really hoping to build on our talent and only get better, also a win at Nationals,” said Knieriem. Sophomore Maggie Green is also hoping for even more success this year. “We are expecting a positive but strict coach who is wanting a National Championship just as much as the team is,” said Green.

The team will experience many changes, one of them being is having a girl coach that is close in age with them. Harris says being similar in age will have both positive and negative points. “The start of the year will have to involve a lot of setting expectations to set me apart from them as a coach, but I will be able to relate well to the girls and understand their thinking since I was in their shoes not too long ago,” Harris said

Knieriem says she thinks the closeness in age will work as an advantage. “I feel like there will definitely be an opportunity to bond and be closer with our new coach,” she said. Green equally sees the advantages that a girl coach close in age will have on the team. “I think it will be different having a girl as a coach this upcoming year, but I believe it will be an exciting change for the team,” said Green.

As much as the team is excited about the new change, they will miss the positive impact their previous coaches had on them. “Our old coaches were all amazing people who cared so much about them as athletes and people. They’ve taught us so much about life and made the sport we love so enjoyable,” said Knieriem.

“We’re so excited for our potential and how much we can accomplish this season. While a new start is always scary, so much opportunity for growth is at our fingertips,” said Knieriem.