Youtube Family Receives Backlash for Video

Morgan Harbolt, Executive Editor

The LaBrant Fam controversy.

A viral youtube family is facing some backlash for a video they posted.

Youtubers Savannah and Cole Labrant are known for their family, lifestyle vlogs. They recently uploaded a video where they paid strangers’ rent. Controversy has risen on if this is a christian act or a way to increase their views.

Savannah Labrant has a little girl named Everleigh. Cole is Everleigh’s step-dad, but the couple recently just had a baby girl named Posie together. They became popular on youtube from showing their growing families journey and everyday life. They are known for doing different challenges and games.

Saturday, Nov. 9 the family posted a video titled, “Knocking On Strangers Doors, Then Paying Their Rent.” This video received both praise and criticism from viewers. Some viewers thought it was very kind of the youtubers and said how they wished they were in a position to do things like this. One fan tweeted, “I can’t wait to be financially stable enough to do things like this. How awesome of y’all.”

Other viewers saw it as the opposite. This video made some people mad, because the family has openly talked about their christianity online and they saw this as a non-christian act. The family turned off their comment section for the video, but fans could still comment on the video on other social media platforms. A common thing people we’re saying is Mathew 6:1. This is the first verse of the sixth chapter in the new testament that states: “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.” Overall, when people were commenting this verse they were implying that the family only did this act and posted it for views and to just look good. Not because they wanted to, out of the good of their hearts. One viewer on Twitter posted a screenshot of the verse and said, “This verse says it all…I’m over these phony good deeds on social media, yes they are kind and nice to watch but just do it, don’t look for glory from others. You preach the gospel yet do this. God bless you for your kindness but don’t be vain.”

Freshman Kaylee Garrett watches The LaBrant Fam vlogs. She said, “I think that it was a great thing that they we’re helping people in their community.” Garrett doesn’t agree with the hate that the family has been getting about the video.

Cole spoke about this on Twitter. He tweeted, “Before you hate, we have given what we feel God has called us to give the past three years while on social media. We never filmed it. We felt this year was time to inspire others to give as well. We get hate either way, you can’t win even when doing a good thing nowadays.” The family said at the beginning of the video that they give back to many charities and to their church, and have just never filmed it till now. They said the only reason they are filming it now, is because they were inspired by someone else who did it and made a video. The couple also said that they planned on doing more things like this and filming it to inspire others.

The family has not spoken about this controversy any further.